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  1. thank you as a present allow me into wild west
  2. Updated to include average money made from mining based on a 5 minute mine.
  3. I just want to say, I think @roast has been doing a great job in the community recently, You've been more active and giving some really good updates recently. Keep it up Roast
  4. For the mining part, link my sexy guide ;D
  5. Ya, I still struggle to get past that without them saying 'I WILL COMPLAIN ON FORUMS!!11!!!!11!!!1!1!!1!1!'
  6. I love it when you have to explain for 20min to players that you need evidence.
  7. He's been doing so well! I can see a nice sexy promotion soon (does this mean im not your fav anymore?)
  8. 1/1 would aboooosee again
  9. Awww thanks for recommending me Overlord You are a nice person yourself. Jokes aside.. Florian is doing a great job but we all know who will beat him on the OD timef this week me ofc