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  1. Old Sprinter was removed, there's only 1 now which was Soldier but was made Sprinter Also Rogue is now Bozo (CP) and cannot do hits, just hobo and enforce the law. Nice post though

    SYMMIJ's Shop

    ~ Rogue has been made Bozo, more updates are to be expected in the near future.

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    Are you sure that's the name of it?

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    ~ Smokey has been sold ~ Updates to 'Rogue' coming soon.

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    Wow thanks jake! Not wrong there, that is until that certain job that has a cool name is made


    very cool guy!

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    ~ Added Brute Slot, although it is currently not for sale. ~ Freaky Frank slot has been sold Appreciate the comment!

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    ~ Medusa slot has been sold

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    Thanks sw4ner, I appreciate your comment!
  10. This is great news
  11. Frizzles bails me from PD he is very cool person!
  12. SYMMIJ

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    IG Name: SYMMIJ Payment methods: Paypal Contact methods: Discord (Kebab#4593), Forums or In-game Other comments: yo - All prices are negotiable All jobs will be slots unless it specifically states it is Ownership. Selling: Bozo Ownership (Or Slots if you wish) Owner(s): @SYMMIJ Description: Bozo is a job that I have recently taken the ownership of, I am not making any plans of selling it as of now and I plan to add items to this in the coming days/months, it currently does not have many things on it but I look forward to making a unique job later down the line. Job Contents Weapons: Scar, Crossbow SWEPS: Magic Sword, Camo Abilities: Can build in the streets, Can base and raid with anyone, Moonshine, Civil Protection, 150 Armor Model: Chell Model Price: Ownership is currently not for sale, slots are. Selling: Brute Owner(s): @Shook & @Ninja Description: Brute is a very modern day custom job, it is consistently being refined and modified to accustom to the current meta to assure the users always will have the best of the best equipment when going out there to do their criminal activities. Because of Brute's consistent updates it allows the job to maintain a top-tier level, giving it a high value of price and extremely enjoyable to play! Job Contents Weapons: Mac-10, PKM, M249 (M9K Edition), Double barrel, Mossberg, Ithaca, G3A3, Dragon Lore AWP, SVD Dragunov, MK14 EBR, Mustang & Sally (Explosive dual pistols), Scar, MP9 SWEPS: Bhop, Climb, Unarrest, Hack Phone, Magic Sword, Medkit (HL2), Camo, Disguise Kit, Keypad Cracker, Pro Lockpick Abilities: Can base and raid with anyone, Ability to mug people for a total of £10,000, Can raid the PD, Can raid the Bank, Ability to take hits, 100 Armor, Weed, Moonshine, Armor Charger, Ability to act as a guard Model: models/player/alyx.mdl Price: Not for sale.
  13. Hey man, welcome back man 

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      Hey, who is this again?