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  1. I do like the melon gun quite a lot STEAM_0:0:36126110
  2. Prisoners can fight each other with the fists, there's not an issue with that. As mentioned above its the reason they're given fists in the first place, they also don't lose anything.

    Dancer store.

    nice store, buy slots
  4. Job looks great, finally a weapon that shoot props too
  5. Venice is good at what he does I guess, definitely needs to work on the appeal speed but I'm sure that will come with time. Does great work as an a+ and I am happy to work alongside him and the others, especially the appeals pyramid. Keep it up Venice.
  6. Nice guide, I feel mining has always been under-rated and I've always heard people say it's good, nice to see data prove that.


    Thanks for the kind words Rhys, glad I can help and we finally sorted out that base

    SYMMIJ's Shop

    Now selling Okibi ownership, also slots are open for Crook and Bozo slots are still up for sale.
  9. how do you edit it



    1. SYMMIJ


      Click on the 3 dots on the post, then edit.

    2. jihad kekistani
  10. Hey man good luck with your A+ app x

  11. SYMMIJ

    SYMMIJ's Shop

    Changed store up a little bit with an In-game screenshot of the items Also added Okibi which has absolutely nothing
  12. SYMMIJ

    SYMMIJ's Shop

    Marine has been sold and removed from the store.
  13. SYMMIJ

    SYMMIJ's Shop

    Update ~ Marine Ownership now for sale, also check the link for some cool Marine music.
  14. This has to be in the wrong section, shitposts is just 1 more down I think you've got it all wrong
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