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  1. Bought a CJ, no need for extra offers.
  2. ByReaper

    Cp custom job

    Buying IG Name: ByReaper Buying: Custom job Description: Any CP custom job ( I don't want empty/stripped custom jobs, so dont offer them please.) Looking to pay: Price can be discussed Payment method(s): Paypal or anything really Other comments: add me on discord if ur selling a CP cj. ByReaper#1866
  3. Are you implying that this is rigged? If so, count me in
  4. Thanks a lot. Im grateful for your recommendation. @Chriss What do you mean rich?
  5. ByReaper

    CJ restart

    Mehh, not the best one you’ve ever made
  6. ByReaper

    Adding Dupes

    You don't have to restart your game just reload the adv dupelicator
  7. ByReaper

    NPC Guide

    Whats up with all these guides calling themself the:” ultimate .... guide “ good guide tho
  8. lol what page was this on, I legit couldnt find this anywhere, mustve overlooked it mb, thanks tho Racist
  9. I made a map of most location/call outs of the map we are using(its an old version of the map bit still acurate enough(Coulnt find a better picture from google...) I hope this will help out some of our newer players kinda scuffed but I made it on paint lol I thought there already was apost like this but I couldt find it anywhere sorry if it still exists
  10. I think this should be in shitposts. jk
  11. @konstans how much did he pay you?
  12. I think you copied this of rz's store. Correct me if im wrong. @RzVibration
  13. If anyone has second thoughts of getting Steven - I was in the same shoes, but I bought it and I have zero regrets. Go for it!Why? Steven is an amazing CJ to have, as it has big collection of weaponry and entities. Earning money has never been this easy.Also to mention, raiding is really smooth with the kit.Speaking of the owner, @_RzVibration will guide you through the whole transaction and will make everything easy and understandable for you, and on top of that, he's giving a gift upon you owning Steven, what else you can wish for? Superb CJ to own, I am really satisfied - 11/10.
  14. Thanks, Are you getting a discount because you said that?