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  1. bubert!


    imagine your name being gabriel
  2. It was a joke you fucking pimple
  3. Make an alt-account, get a couple of posts and reputation on it just to recommend himself would be something that shax would do
  4. todays gonna be the day when they throw it back to you

  5. no fixion <XD, lots of love<3 XD
  6. I think U need a fTather figure. cus i know ur curent daddy is beating u, ill find u a father figure
  7. n o proplem OO H XD ait I know wat LOL means lol I say it all the time Xd! XD Laghing out Loud
  8. naO i alraty told U. what LEL mean doe?
  9. who the heck are u and what did you do to docge

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