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  1. Is this THE superadmin james?

    1. james.


      yes, who's speaking?

  2. Turtle

    RP Names

    @Mayo just make a report in game and ask an administrator to free the rp name ?
  3. Turtle


    You can buy someone tokens here by just putting in their SteamID, but under no circumstances should you use token flips as a way to 'gift' tokens or it will result in a severe punishment
  4. Thank you very much for the recommendation ❤️ ?
  5. @Astrax please follow the template, you have 24 hours or your post will be removed.
  6. ????? ??? ???? ???? ??? ??? ?????????????? ????!!!!
  7. As requested by @ByReaper, this video should make it a lot easier when people don't know how to set up a fading door correctly as they can simply be linked this video!
  8. Yeah I understand, some of the rules are pretty vague but at the same time they can't be too long so there just needs to be a balance which can only be found by seeing what problems arise. In relation to the LTA thing, I meant that getting evidence of the person who has been reported being knowledgeable of them being reported and therefore leaving the server/going AFK would be the tricky thing to get(if that makes sense lol)
  9. I feel like most of these are pretty self explanatory, especially 1.3 and 1.7 -- if someone is AFK when needed for a sit usually I just put text screen up saying something along the lines of '/pm Turtle when you're back, if you leave you will be banned for LTA.' However I think that it would be difficult to prove that someone had the knowledge of them being reported and as a result left, and if that evidence was apparent it would just be common sense to ban them. IMO Rule 1.7 is pretty blatant in its meaning when it says 'third party software ', it already covers everything. Edit: I only saw the top three and didn't scroll down ?
  10. That's exactly what I'm saying, the rules on this and others things are vague and should be updated to help players and staff.
  11. If they have a weapon out but aren't using it you have to warn them, and if you tell someone they are under arrest and they pull a weapon out you can kill them (this has been clarified by Jamie.) IMO the rules need the right balance between information and length, which can only be found by editing them until no further problems arise.
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