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  1. Overlord


    woody is very swiggity swaggity indeed
  2. @jtwepiczombie locate the sound folders in all the texture packs. So hl2 ep 1 and 2 also CSS. Delete all the sound folders from each one and it will just use the nice standard good sounds
  4. Tangy has plans to add more. Please don't comment pointless things, please.
  5. Selling IG Name: Nathan Selling: Alyx Slot Description: You may base and raid with anyone. You may not enforce the law. You may build on the streets. 100 Armour Climb swep Magic sword Hackphone Usas Dragunov Dbarrel Price: £20 (+ You pay fee) Payment method(s): Paypal only Other comments: Next to add: Ability to brew moonshine, Ability to spawn special arms dealer weapons, Ability to cook meth A really good CJ to start with, getting more added soon. Has a nice set of weapons and SWEPs. PM me on forums for my steam, leave a comment saying you PMed me about it! Thanks
  6. This one is about Packie, not you. made the same joke at the same time lol
  7. @Turtle u keep carrying on, blocking out dem haters.
  8. Get me a big straw. Like a Krushem one. Turtle has a phat ass
  9. Cewlest kid around. My boi @Turtle
  10. When will he be promoted again? I am waiting...
  11. Looks good. Good luck with your job mate!
  12. @Leon Stark has improved sooo much recently and after receiving feedback has definitely improved. He is really good in sits and never biased, which is very good especially at the moment. Sure he will be A+ soon! Keep it up mate!
  13. Overlord


    Safe lad! 100% agree, you both are doing a great job. Well done @Amoux good to have u back
  14. @Paleyew0 has been doing a very good job as a new mod and definitely will climb the ranks. Doing a great job mate! Keep it up!
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