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  1. jtwepiczombie

    Selling Rebellion

    you that eager to sell it you posted it twice?
  2. jtwepiczombie

    Selling GMAN £35

    i mean people would prefer to buy from Jamie cos 1. He is 1# beanhead 2. He is trusted/won't scam 3. U probs leaving so it wouldn't affect u if u did
  3. jtwepiczombie

    Exile Slot

    Thats why i said Exile/Ace beanhead
  4. jtwepiczombie

    Exile Slot

    IG Name: jtwepiczombieBuying: Exile Slot Looking to pay: £50Payment method(s) Amazon Gift Card/Steam Wallet
  5. jtwepiczombie

    Selling Exile

    u mean "I don't want to pay fee so the buyer has too"?
  6. jtwepiczombie

    Just your normal Players

    very true
  7. jtwepiczombie

    Just your normal Players

    offended @Logan
  8. jtwepiczombie


  9. jtwepiczombie

    Sprickles' Trading Store

  10. jtwepiczombie

    John Jongs Store - Boney Slots!

    loads and at least 1 bill
  11. jtwepiczombie

    John Jongs Store - Boney Slots!

    Buy my Puffer
  12. jtwepiczombie


    NAH SUCK UR mum i actually did this wet wipe nah thats effort, big gay Noseian will do it
  13. jtwepiczombie


    Riph is a brilliant admin, when no-ones OD. Riph will always go OD and do his job. Defo support him for a+.
  14. jtwepiczombie


    ahh alright fairs
  15. jtwepiczombie


    Admins could do events, if they went gun dealer brought guns etc. Made their own area and just do it without the event menu thing