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  1. Updated price of exile and added gman
  2. Price updated £25 (Including fee)
  3. Updated Baldy price and added exile
  4. This guide really helped my role playing experience thank you men
  5. Updated price to 30 (Including fee)
  6. IG Name: UM Cpt Price Selling: Baldy Description: Price: £25(Including Fee) Payment method: PayPal Exile (✔) Description: Verified Crispy man player model Raid and base with anyone Most weapons on the server All weapons are good and serve a purpose no filler weapons like other jobs Weapons: Magic Sword, USAS, Remington 870, SCAR, SVU, MP5Sd, Deagle, Ithaca, M60, AMD65, M1918 Bar, Sl8, Barret M82, 1887 Winchester, Glock - More to come. SWEPS: Active Camouflage, Climb SWEP, Bhop, Hackphone, 100 Armour, Unarrest Baton, Disguise Kit, Lock pick, Keypad Cracker, Med Kit Abilities: DJ Equipment, Mug, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Grow weed , Special Arms Dealer, bitcoin, meth Price: £30(Including Fee) Payment method: PayPal Gman slot: @Rally owns this men Sweps: Bhop swep/Climb swep/Camo/Hackphone/Unarrest baton/100 armor/Hammer/Medkit/Magic sword/Police Shield. Abilities: Raid bank/Raid PD/Mug/DJ equipment/Build on the streets/Special arms dealer/Moonshine/Bitcoin/Weed/Meth/Armour charger/Ability to guard, Weapons: Damascus sword/Ithaca/SVT40/G36/AMD 65/AW50/M1918bar/Glock/Dragunov/Model 3/USAS/MP40/Winchester 1897. Price: £30 (Including fee)
  7. Cpt Price

    Selling baldy

    Including or excluding fee
  8. Cpt Price

    Selling Baldy

    @Riph lock please this cringe kid has sold his slot
  9. Cpt Price

    Buying any CJ

    @natsirt How many chromosomes do you have?
  10. Cpt Price

    Eskimo's Store

    @Eskimo Bitcoin is in future plans and abilities
  11. Cpt Price

    Selling Baldy

    I hope you enjoyed your free one week trial of baldy!
  12. Update:Sold one slot, contact Rally1#4206 on Discord to buy the other slot.
  13. No they are 2 seperate slots for 35 each
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