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  1. A server restart fixed this for me, there was a second restart yesterday.
  2. @MeatBallz Alright, thanks mate.
  3. So I logged on today to see that all voice-chat in-game is insanely bugged for me. Everyone's voice is very deep/distorted. My audio out of game (e.g. Discord, TeamSpeak etc) is fine. I've seen other people having similar problems and was wondering if anyone had a fix for this issue? I'm guessing I'll just have to wait for a restart.
  4. Hey @gogabs156 I've had this exact bug before and know that the only fix was, for the server to be restarted, so until then you're screwed xD.
  5. I was told it gave free candy, thanks for the recommendation buddy :3
  6. @i30delta Great guide mate, will be very helpful to all players!
  7. I've been playing on the server for around four weeks now and would like to say thanks for being such great staff! Keep up the great work guys!
  8. How's everyone doing?    


    Hope everyone has a great day - Ryxxn

  9. Thanks bro, I really do appreciate it! I think I've got you on Steam now so we'll have to hop on and play again at some point! Many thanks, Ryan!
  10. Oh damn really? I got told by a guy about this when I first joined the server. I can remove this if needed! :3
  11. Thanks for the rep on my app man, really appreciate it :D

  12. Thanks for the rep man, appreciate it!

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      I'd give you positive rep, but hit the daily limit... xD

    3. Jonathan


      Don't, I treasure these -reps, all of them come from 1 pic basically Lol 


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      Ah unlucky man! 

      Have a good rest of your day! - Ryxxn