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  1. Ice Cube

    Flips Guide PSA

    I drew this theory towards coin flipping a long time ago. Some says that it's true while some call me retarded. I could see this theory being possible due to how people who are successful flippers gain their profits actually flip. They usually go low to get some losses, then slam a big flip when the % is in your favor. That's what i usually do, and it did indeed get me a lot of cash. Might just be luck though, which means it is truly just 50-50. It's all a theory though (meant theory, not conspiracy lol). Though i agree with the way you bring up coin flipping. Sounds interesting. It could work indeed, or it could just be pure 50-50. I had an extra thought after reading what people said. The thing which popped up in mind is the way to pick a coin. Before, you could choose what side to pick, T or CT. Now, i there isn't really a consistent way to do this, meaning you'll get one or the other during the flips. You could make a flip and get CT, then join a flip and get T. No real way for you to pick what coin it will end up being, killing the thought of heads or tails. But yes, the theory you're bringing up does work in real life with the heads or tails, though it might not be synced with the system we have here. Though as i said, also drew this theory some time ago.
  2. Hey! I've been busy during the holidays! Reason to being on a note (also been busy drinking sourz and vodka). But on a real note, keep up the good work dude. Glad to have you in the senior team! kappa
  3. He is still lazy though
  4. I feel honoured being Natsirt's 100th -rep lol You got this dude
  5. This admin has attempted to turn me into a furry. It's a scary experience. Luckily, i still resist. Too much OwO and UwU. Ve is doing a good job. Saw potential in her during our moderator mentoring. Happy to see that she's progressed in the way she has. Keep up the good work.
  6. @Radec stop metagaming @Ryan boney gang Keep up the good work, you two jokesters
  7. Well, Mr. Pietro, been a while I agree with you though. Venice is doing a good job.
  8. Used to have the same thing when i was in normal school. Start college and pray they give you like a nice computer with 0 restrictions (as i have now). Good luck selling though.
  9. Ice Cube


    You should be able to apply soon tbh Keep up the good work man. I've seen how you perform in-game and it's looking bright.
  10. Tf you on about. TTT is lit. Keep up the good work bud. Pretty sure i saw you while i was on yesterday.
  11. Havoc helps out a lot when he is OD. He is also a good guy. I would say that i agree with you.
  12. I was not on when this occured (had to sleep some atleast), but i agree. My first sight of this mod was a pleasent one. Keep up the good work and your path towards more responsibilities in the community is open.
  13. I appreciate all the kind words! I'm glad that my work seems to be doing some good for others!
  14. I appreciate the kind words! I do my best around here! It's a lot of work to mentor, event staff, be active on both forums and in-game as well as holding a professional level of staffing at the same time. Thank you for the recommendation!
  15. Colmar is nice. He's pretty new to his job and does it pretty nicely. Keep it up, friend.
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