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  1. Store Update! 1) I now have full ownership of Marine
  2. Store Update! 1) lowered price of Smokey Ownership and Ducky Ownership 2) Now selling two Baldy Slots £45 3) Now selling Exile Slot £40 4) and also selling Marine slot £40
  3. Store Update! Added Exile to the listings
  4. Store Update! Jackhammer added to Sprinter thanks to @Sprickles
  5. I believe he’s sold it already.
  6. Radontrax1

    buying rebellion

    Rebellion 60mil
  7. Store update! -Rebellion slot now for sale
  8. Store update! - tar21 added to Sprinter for next restart
  9. Store Update - Added Marine to the store - Added Ducky Ownership to the store
  10. I already tried. It's been sold.
  11. Fuck I tried removing that
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