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  1. TheRealWookie

    ICE CUBE for Admin+

    +Support as always.
  2. TheRealWookie


    That's gay +Support for @Ice Cube, he doesn't even need to apply for A+, just give him the rank.
  3. TheRealWookie

    DTT Luigi/ OscarGamez

    @OscarGamez You very active nut.
  4. TheRealWookie

    Selling Rebellion Slot

    buy his slot yes? buy boney also ok :-D
  5. TheRealWookie


    Awesome person, knew him back in the day great guy def a great choice for Super Admin. +++++++++++++Support And yes, I'm the real ZeAbominableWookie
  6. TheRealWookie

    Buying Rebellion Or Others

    Gman gud POST CLOSED. i got a cj
  7. TheRealWookie

    Buying Rebellion Or Others

    BUMP Doing bank transfer now I'll just put money in to ur bank account
  8. TheRealWookie

    Buying Rebellion Or Others

    Have an offer going on with Holm anyone else interested in a better offer (price increase) pm me.
  9. TheRealWookie

    Buying Rebellion Or Others

    Buying IG Name: ZeWookie Buying: Rebellion or any other job slot worth the price Description: Im looking for some job slot to get started with, I think Rebellion is pretty good for the price. Looking to pay: £30 (no fees) Payment methods: Skrill, bank transfer, gifycards (IF I CAN FIND ANY) (NO PAYPAL) Other comments: Im paying 30 because I can't do PayPal due to where I live if you have any job slot offers u might want to shoot me a DM.
  10. TheRealWookie

    Selling Rebellion slot

    I'll buy it this Wednesday ill msg u on discord
  11. TheRealWookie

    Moderator rank on the forums

    Spam steam login, should work
  12. TheRealWookie

    No CJ

    Oh well, where do i report the scam, i have a damn shit amount of pure hand made proof.
  13. TheRealWookie

    No CJ

    Lemme tell u, so basically before I posted cuz I didn't know about the bug that roast had and had to refill, so I was like ok then I'll ask Chris to refill, then I said lock it cuz basically I asked him to refill and he said ok I'll do it and then this was the next restart after that, I still didn't get my slot, so this is why i am writing a new post. Toast gets the problem. I am making this because I paid him around 23p of skins 2 months ago and haven't gotten anything. That's also what he asked for. Btw he also said he'd would pay £5 fee, seems cheesy.
  14. TheRealWookie

    No CJ

    @roast Please help guys been 2 months.
  15. TheRealWookie

    No CJ