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  1. It’s free… you’d probably know that if you read the comments above.
  2. melon STEAM_0:1:170713426
  3. You are 87% Killer You are also: 40% Explorer 40% Achiever 33% Socialiser
  4. so are you buying or selling? use the template
  5. 15inb

    Selling CI

    buy this slot it's nig gang approved
  6. 15inb

    Selling CI

    IG Name: fifteen I n b Selling:Chief Inspector Description: CP CJ with guns Price: £20 Payment method(s) PayPal Other comments: fart
  7. 15inb

    Jake's Store

    then why make a store post for it
  8. Terminator is an OG job, blaze isn’t.
  9. Just a PSA: The owner of this custom job has a long history of stripping customs jobs and shouldn't be trusted.
  10. directions unclear, blew up an orphanage
  11. You’re not mildly autistic, you’re extremely autistic.
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