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    that's funny! @_RzVibration get a load of this!!! lol! they're eating it with their hands! what a cave man!
  2. Database was down earlier Most likely caused by this
  3. 6 - You may not take situations that concern yourself, your friends, or gang member (s) unless no other staff is available. No
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    He wasn’t cbanned only perma banned
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    You get DJ equipment with guitarist/CJs with the ability and it gives you a TV under entities in f4 menu that lets you play youtube videos
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    and what, oil is in my blood.
  7. mining is better if you have level 10 and double ore, easily get over 100k in 5 mins
  8. https://gyazo.com/f91cdec6c97b349f9a041adf313324c5 https://gyazo.com/05ae67c972952b4581108573f7160e3d https://gyazo.com/d1c52177774d9462e459b6151ccfd450
  9. It probably glitched through the wall you were looking at
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    Locked - This is being dealt with
  11. He's been banned I've also removed the downvotes
  12. This guide should go over the basics of everything you'll need for DarkRP. Please note not everything in this post will 100% be made by me. I will post other guides if there is already a guide over it. Table of contents To find what you're looking for press f3 (A little search box should pop up in the top right) then search what you need that is listed below. Getting Started CSS Textures Downloading the addons The rules Setting up a base DarkRP Basics Fading doors Advanced Duplicator Skills Gambling Flips Jackpot Token flips Spins Civil Protection Arresting Raiding Mayor Criminal Weed Moonshine Thief Meth cook Mugging Citizens Bitcoin Miner Gun dealer/Special arms dealer Miner Conclusion Overview Getting Started CSS Textures When you first download Garry's mod you might have a shit ton of errors. You can either buy(If you don't already have it) CSS or you can download the textures offline. A guide can be found here if you do not know how to get CSS textures installed, and here is another one if you like some visuals After you do this you should have your textures. Downloading the addons All you have to download the addons is make sure you have downloads turned on in your settings which can be found in the 'Other' section in your options make sure it's set to 'Allow all custom files from server' if you have errors after loading in restart your game and retry. DarkRP Basics Now that you have your textures lets go over some of the basics. The rules: I know this one is pretty obvious but yet we still get new players who don't know the rules. They can be found here. Just give them a quick read (It won't take very long) and if you're ever confused just give them a quick reread. Setting up a base: A guide on making bases can be found here or here Setting up a base is very easy. First, go a job that can base (Thief, gangster, parkour etc.) then find a place that you want to base (This place must have an ownable door). Buy the doors by either pressing f2 on the door or taking out keys and press right clicking. To lock a door left click with keys, to unlock right click with keys. After you own the doors you can get to building the actual base. First, you want to put a building sign (This ensures you won't be raided). Make sure not to spawn any money making entities with a building sign up (It's a rule break) After, you set up your building sign you can set up a little defense inside the base. Fading doors: Here is a little guide on making fading doors (Might be a little old but is still helpful). Just make sure to set the hold length on the keypad to 0 (It will automatically set it to 4 seconds for you) Advanced duplicator: Now that you made your base you can save it. First you want to make sure everything is welded together (Either precision weld or normal weld works) Then, right click on any prop with Advanced Duplicator 2 tool and it should copy everything (As long as it's all welded) After that go into the Q menu and press Advanced Duplicator 2 and right click on a folder to the right Then, press save, name the file, then press the little blue save icon that looks like this. Now that you have this dupe all you have to do to spawn it when you want is go into the Q menu, look in the folder you save the dupe in, right click it, press open, then make the sure you have the box that say 'Paste at original position' checked (It should be found under where you have all your dupes). Skills: When you join the server you are able to complete many challenges in order to buy skills You can access the menu by typing !skills then access the challenges by pressing challenges in the top right. Note: You can only earn 440 skill points from the challenges and every skill adds up to 1,950 in total. So spend your skill points wisely and don't buy something that you'll regret in the future. Gambling This can either be a very good way of making money or be a very good way at losing all your money. Flips: When you join the server you access to !flips. You can either join the flip or you can make your own. You have a 50/50 chance to either the double the money or lose it all. Jackpot: For jackpot you must enter a minimum of 25,000. Once the first person puts money in the jackpot will be drawn in 2.5 minutes. The more money you put in the higher the chances of you winning the jackpot. Token flips: If you type !store then go to the 'Games' section you can find 'Versus' you can either put in the amount of tokens you want to gamble or you can enter one that was already made by another player. This is the same concept as normal flips. 50% chance to either double those tokens or lose them. Spins: If you type !spins you can enter any amount of money you want then you pick a color (Obviously you have less of a chance of winning the x14), but be cautious as there's a 'Nothing' option in the spin. So there is a chance you will lose all the money you put in. Civil Protection As a civil protection you are the protectors of the city. You uphold the law. Arresting: As a SWAT you get a shield, it can be easier to arrest someone if you hit them with the shield first then hitting them with arrest baton as the shield will stun them for a second or two and they can't run away. But, be careful as you must give a 10 second warning before arresting and MUST attempt to arrest before killing unless they are an active threat to another CP/Civilian. Raiding: Before conducting a raid make sure you have a warrant. You can get a warrant by typing /warrant Name/SteamID reason. If you do not get a warrant then it is a rulebreak to raid the base. You are also only allowed to raid with other CP. To open a door/fading door take out your battering ram, right click to ready the ram, then left click to batter the door. Please note: The battering ram does have a cooldown and you can't just instantly open every door. Mayor: As a mayor you are the leader of town, you command all the CPs and you make the laws. To add a law type /addlaw LAW To remove a law type /removelaw LAW # To reset all the laws to the default type /resetlaws As a mayor you are able to start lotteries to start one type /lottery #### (Note: the max lottery is 5,000 unless you buy a skill to it to 25,000) To set the agenda type /agenda (What you want added) To add another row to the agenda type /addagenda (What you want added) If you want to clear the agenda type /agenda Criminal For money making as a criminal there are multiple routes you can take. Weed: To grow weed go gangster. Then buy a weed pot (Or 2) then buy a seed (Or 2) and combine a seed with a pot. ] Wait 10 minutes for the weed to finish growing. After, it finished growing press on the pot (It'll say Ready to harvest) then press e on the bag of weed that drops out. You then want to take the weed to Gazza (Who is in industrial; You should get a waypoint on your screen) After you sell the weed you will automatically be wanted by the police so be careful to avoid the cops. Moonshine: Go moonshine brewer, buy a moonshine brewer, then buy alcohol and dank juice and put both of them into the brewer. Wait for it to finish then press E on the bottle to get 10,000. Thief: You can either print in your base or you can go out and raid. It's up to you. Meth cook: Meth cook can be a very good way to make money but can be very time consuming as you have to be constantly doing stuff pretty much the whole time. Here is a little guide on making meth. Mugging: If you're a gangster you must have at least 2 people in order to mug someone. If you are another job that has the ability to mug you may mug by yourself. To mug just find your victim then pull your gun or any other weapon you want to use then you want to either say in VC, /y or local chat "Mug drop 10k or die" Note: 10,000 is you max amount you can mug for. Citizens Civilians also have ways of making money, this isn't just limited to just criminals. Bitcoin miner: Being a bitcoin miner although takes a while to make your money back and you need quite a bit of money just to start after a while it is a good way to make money. First spawn what you want to use. Example: Bitminer S2 Then you want to spawn a generator and a power lead. Take the lead and plug it into the bitminer server and then the generator. Then press E on the Bitminer S2 and type Mining start Every so often you'll have to refuel your generator, you can do so by buying fuel. You can also bind buying generator by typing in console bind key "say /buybitminerfuel" Obviously change 'key' with the key you want to bind it to. Gun dealer/Special arms dealer: As a gun dealer you can sell many guns to other people, but as special arms dealer you can sell special weapons, such as RPGs, Grenades, bigger guns, etc. Just setup a little shop then whenever someone comes in to buy a gun ask them what they want and if they want a single or a shipment. If they do, tell them a price (You can chose, but don't make it too high because then they won't want to buy it). After they give you the money you buy what they requested and give it to them. Miner: Go to the mine (You should get a waypoint on your screen once you change jobs) then got destroy some rocks to sell or craft stuff you can either type !mining or you can find Gertrude, the mining NPC, you can also upgrade your pickaxe in this menu to speed up how fast you can mine rocks. Mining statistics: Ore Values: Bronze: 500 Silver: 900 Gold: 1,900 Platinum: 8,500 Ore Chances: Bronze: 50% Silver: 30% Gold: 15% Platinum: 5% Conclusion Overview: Not every single little thing on the server will be on here, if you want something added please ask in the comments below. Here are a few guides that are featured https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/15584-help/
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