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  1. Avionix

    bjce cub and corner abusing venice

    Still got jailed for NLR though
  2. Avionix

    Avionix's Hat Shop

    Utterly worthless, not even 4/4 yes cmere bigboi no, everyone else can though yes only on leap years only unreleased monthly hats yes no yes
  3. Avionix

    Avionix's Hat Shop

    Job: Chief Inspector (Contact Roast) Overview: Chief Inspector is a CP custom job that is ranked higher then the SWAT leader. He/she is equipped to deal with anything. Features: 175 Armor £200 salary PD keys Sweps: Camo swep Bhop Swep Climb Swep Magic Sword Police Shield Disguise kit Stunstick Weapon checker Arrest/unarrest stick Battering ram Weapons: G36 AWP Ithaca M37 Price: N/A ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Job: Exile (Contact Eskimo) Overview: Good job for raiding with. Features: Verified Raid and base with anyone DJ Mug Raid PD/Bank 100 armour Sweps: Cloak Swep Climb Swep BHop Swep Hackphone Unarrest Baton Disguise Kit Lockpick Keypad Cracker Med Kit Magic Sword Weapons: USAS Remington 870 SCAR SVU MP5SD Desert Eagle Ithica M37 M60 AMD65 M1918 BAR SL8 Barret M82 1887 Winchester Glock Price: N/A ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Job: V (Not For Sale) Overview: A job that only cool people own, with unique sweps, a true job for a connoisseur. Features: Raid and base with anyone. Mug Hireable as a guard. Kidnap 100 armour Raid PD/Bank Sweps: Hackphone Climb Swep Magic Sword Cloak Swep Weapons: F2000 Winchester 73 Vikhr Price: N/A ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Job: Mad Chef Overview: One of the oldest jobs on the server, a true collectors item. Features: Raid and base with anyone. Mug 100 armour Raid PD/Bank Sweps: Hackphone Magic Sword Cloak Swep Weapons: SVU Price: £100 (Ownership) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ **You cannot buy hats here, suck my nan**
  4. Avionix

    RzVibration's Store

  5. Avionix

    RzVibration's Store

    If anyone has second thoughts of getting Steve from Minecraft - I was in the same shoes, but I bought it and I have zero regrets. Go for it!Why? Steve from Minecraft is an amazing CJ to have, as it has big collection of weaponry and entities. Earning money has never been this easy.Also to mention, raiding is really smooth with the kit.Speaking of the owner, @RzVibration will guide you through the whole transaction and will make everything easy and understandable for you, and on top of that, he's giving a gift upon you owning Steve from Minecraft, what else you can wish for? Superb CJ to own, he gave me an enchanted diamond pickaxe, I am really satisfied - 420/420.
  6. Avionix

    Buying Chief Inspector

    Still unlikely to be fair, most people who have CI aren't selling it because it's good Your best bet is buying it from roast himself here
  7. Avionix

    Inv reset thingy

    No, as none of the files could be retrieved it was treated as an inv wipe iirc
  8. Avionix

    Inv reset thingy

    @Arian the database was 10k text files, it crashed the pc of anyone opening it.
  9. Avionix

    Just your normal Players

    big boom yes
  10. Avionix


    Downgrading isn't a present :^) This feels like there was bribery involved ;^)
  11. Avionix

    Buying / Swap IGM only.

    We're saying you have value! It's a compliment! Kinda
  12. Avionix


    fackin ginger
  13. Avionix

    Jamie & Turtle

    this is all a scam by Big Token isn't it
  14. Avionix

    Jamie & Turtle

    sounds like a good deal where do I pay