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  1. Avionix

    Danny do dah

    Fuck sake please no
  2. Avionix

    Buying Chief Inspector

    Still unlikely to be fair, most people who have CI aren't selling it because it's good Your best bet is buying it from roast himself here
  3. Avionix

    Inv reset thingy

    No, as none of the files could be retrieved it was treated as an inv wipe iirc
  4. Avionix

    Inv reset thingy

    @Arian the database was 10k text files, it crashed the pc of anyone opening it.
  5. Avionix

    Just your normal Players

    big boom yes
  6. Avionix


    Downgrading isn't a present :^) This feels like there was bribery involved ;^)
  7. Avionix

    Buying / Swap IGM only.

    We're saying you have value! It's a compliment! Kinda
  8. Avionix


    fackin ginger
  9. Avionix

    Jamie & Turtle

    this is all a scam by Big Token isn't it
  10. Avionix

    Jamie & Turtle

    sounds like a good deal where do I pay
  11. Avionix

    Jamie & Turtle

    That's what happens when you pay for recommendations :^)
  12. Avionix


    Eskimo is very good player, he do many good plays. Is very sexi man yes he have tight butthole, and make good admin times yes not paid for unlike florians recommendations
  13. Avionix

    Got money, no PayPal

    thank you docge, very cool
  14. Avionix

    selling some bingy guy

    A good custom job that I used to own, it has some cool stuff
  15. Avionix

    Basic Building Guide and Tips

    @DelCampino your job is being stolen, are you going to stand for this?