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    £30 you pay fee
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    go back to buying titty models nerd
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    spell better then get back to me no
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    Selling exile slot, boney slot, chief inspector slot possibly a v slot if someone wants it no you can't have mad chef go away I'm not adding a description fuck you I'm lazy dm me at Avionix#6969 if you want to buy, offer me money paypal only I don't want your filthy IGM noseboy
  5. Haha hi buddy, your guides will always be appreciated
  6. oh shut up you had them first
  7. I thought I'd share another config similar to the law multibind, but with more variety to it - a numpad binding for all the money making entities. You can either put these in your autoexec file to have them bound to your keyboard permanently, or you can have them in a separate file that you run whenever you go a criminal job to make that sweet sweet cash. For the multi equipment binds such as meth, and just anything that runs more than 1 command, you should wait about 2 seconds before pressing the button again, or to be more specific, 1750ms seems to be the best way for me. They're all bound to different keys, you can replace the keys easily by just replacing "KP_XXXX" with whatever you want the key to be Anything with multibinds should be pressed as many times as there are lines and then it will fully loop around ready for use again
  8. we don't gotta worry about that
  9. Thought I'd give people the bind I use for my laws/show how to make a convenient law bind for them, just replace the text in the bind to easily change them as you wish. Essentially it uses aliases to run a command, then rebind that key to a different command, which then repeats until it cycles through completely. To use it, I would advise pasting it into your autoexec.cfg file, as it means it won't vanish randomly like some Gmod binds does, and also means you can paste the entire thing instead of doing it line by line. The autexec.cfg file is found in your gmod folder - for me this is located here (D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cfg) https://gyazo.com/2e04342aea39352cc46149562a6c2425 It's fairly self explanatory, but I'll explain it briefly. mayor 1 - resets the laws so you can start fresh mayor 2 - adds the first law, outlawing all weapons, raiding tools, and mining tools - Nobody enforces the mining tools thing but it's funny mayor 3 - fairly obvious, stops those pesky trespassers mayor 4 - again, obvious, gets rid of hits and threats mayor 5 - miscellaneous illegal behaviour, throwing things refers to bugbaits and snowballs mayor 6 - stops people insulting you or not doing as you say mayor 7 - outlaws gunshops, because... why not mayor 8 - gets rid of the non default illegal entities (technically moonshine is always illegal, alcohol is a drug) mayor 9 - stops those annoying situations where people say they have a licence to sell guns etc mayor 10 - catchall thing that makes it look nicer than putting AOS -> KOS on every single line mayor 11 - starts a lottery for 25000 (if you don't have the skill, change it to 5000 otherwise it won't work) - and then resets the loop back to mayor 1 to change the key to whatever you want, just replace KP_UPARROW with whatever key you want that is more convenient for you To use: if you haven't restarted your game since adding these to your autoexec.cfg file, go into console and type "exec autoexec" and then press enter. Once you know these have been added, simply press numpad8 (or whatever key you change it to) 11 times, with at least 2 seconds between each press - less than this and you'll be rate limited and it won't apply the law, but will still move to the next alias, so you'll have to repeat the cycle. Enjoy
  10. He's not @DelCampino so you're wrong Some/most of the images are broken due to hosting, but these were the best quality guides we ever had, nothing against you Flip
  11. that is uh... not how steam ids work I don't think you'll be able to have it on forums if they're 2 different accounts - either log in with your steam account that has VIP, or go without it. VIP doesn't give anything other than a yellow name so it's not a big issue
  12. How dare you assume this Yeah it's ok, like Rz said, fun to use, not great. If I pull it out when I scroll I usually fire 1 shot before I swap back to something else
  13. days, come on man I woke up at 7am today I'll have you know You deserve to be there, shut Blanice sounds like a chipmunk when he plays Valorant