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  1. Agent

    Agent's Store

    Ownership could be discussed, meaning full ownership. Im not entierly sure yet it depends on offers
  2. Agent

    Moonshine Guide

    + Use moonshine as a secondary thing while you do something else, such as printing or defending or making meth. or just use moonshine as a quick 10k for ammo like i do
  3. how many owners has this job gone through lmfao
  4. Agent


    Boney does have matador but of those two id choose rebellion due to its low Cost and insane firepower with DB spas sl8 tar
  5. Agent

    Can't restore gang

    try a few capslock combinations like "Swedishmotherfuckers" etc
  6. Agent

    Can't restore gang

    you sure its the right capitalization and all that? @bol398
  7. Baldy is being sold here for 25 If your interested, only 10 above what you offered
  8. Agent

    Custom Jobs

    underground predator is owned by spooderman now i belive, unless he sold it again i did earlier sell it to yato but could ask spooder
  9. Take a screenshot of paypal transaction Then crop it if needed and upload to like discord or some image hosting site, put in the image link in proof of payment
  10. yes fill out this form https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/forms/9-custom-job-change/
  11. Agent

    Agent's Store

    Added: Police shield swep! Marines are now further equiped Thanks Yet again for the kebab eating swede @Spooderman
  12. Agent

    Agent's Store

    Added: M9k_1897winchester also known as "cardboard Winchester" @Spooderman Helping ous grow! much appreciation
  13. Agent

    Agent's Store

    Added: m9k_m16a4_acog climb_swep Thanks again to ❤️ @Spooderman ❤️
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