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  1. for perma weps i recommend saving up for either glock as its cheap and decent, though if you really wanna get a just reliable and good perma go for either spas 12 or mossberg, having either of those as permas will pretty much remove ur need to buy guns, though saving up for a perma SMG aint a bad option, but if your just starting out then these two are what i recommend
  2. Agent

    Moonshine Guide

    + Use moonshine as a secondary thing while you do something else, such as printing or defending or making meth. or just use moonshine as a quick 10k for ammo like i do
  3. Agent

    Can't restore gang

    try a few capslock combinations like "Swedishmotherfuckers" etc
  4. Agent

    Can't restore gang

    you sure its the right capitalization and all that? @bol398
  5. Agent

    Custom Jobs

    underground predator is owned by spooderman now i belive, unless he sold it again i did earlier sell it to yato but could ask spooder
  6. Take a screenshot of paypal transaction Then crop it if needed and upload to like discord or some image hosting site, put in the image link in proof of payment
  7. yes fill out this form https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/forms/9-custom-job-change/
  8. +Support i think this suggestion would fit in well on CG
  9. yeah dont know what happend or if he just forgot to update the post. either way id love to see those back or atleast unnarrest baton
  10. Agent


    DC keeps me from DCing 😉
  11. Agent

    Kevin's Stuff

    No i have rebelion and i expected to have those items but it does not. i dont know whats up with that as the offical rebelion post also says it has those items @roast
  12. Agent

    Kevin's Stuff

    Rebelion does not have unarrest baton or disguse or bug bait anymore. @Zabiehunter
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