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  1. Agent

    Rebellion Custom Job Slots

    yeah dont know what happend or if he just forgot to update the post. either way id love to see those back or atleast unnarrest baton
  2. Agent


    DC keeps me from DCing 😉
  3. Agent

    Insurgent Custom Job

    oh shit this loo----WAIT TOKEN STORE? Aight time to fuckin Save
  4. Agent

    Kevin's Stuff

    No i have rebelion and i expected to have those items but it does not. i dont know whats up with that as the offical rebelion post also says it has those items @roast
  5. Agent

    Kevin's Stuff

    Rebelion does not have unarrest baton or disguse or bug bait anymore. @Zabiehunter
  6. Agent

    Where is ma role?

    check_rank should work
  7. Agent

    Is there a way I could bind bhop_swep to a key?

    needs to be in qoutation marks. so do this bind mouse5 "+use bhop_swep"
  8. Agent

    Selling Soldier slot

    I am interested aswell x
  9. Agent

    Selling Soldier slot

    whole 5 quid cheaper this is like a steal! buy now
  10. Agent


    Has owo in his name +support
  11. Agent

    Bought tokens for not the right STEAMID

    click ur own tabbbbbb but do consider giving me free tokens yes use steam.zyx or whatever its called i havent had that one give me wrong ever
  12. Agent

    Bought tokens for not the right STEAMID

    i suggest using this feature ingame to get ur steamid as this should never be wrong
  13. Agent

    lost money

    keep in mind the times ive bought tokens ive had to click exchange multipletimes so i suggest you click claim more than just once to make sure its not just lag or delayed
  14. Agent

    How to successfully rdm

  15. Agent

    Buying CI

    Also bought CI slot. can also confirm