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  1. Update Swapped Double Barrel for Winchester 1897
  2. Update Swapped AK-74 for Mac-10 Swapped PKM for M249 Added TMP
  3. Update Added M16 ACOG (thank you @Ryan Ross)
  4. Update Added LSD, Alcohol and PCP Transferred Raina's slot to Tangy
  5. Says the guy who touched a minor
  6. Update Swapped M249 for AK-74
  7. In all seriousness theres too many slots in the economy to be able to make profit off of the 250£
  8. So proud to own a slot on this prestigious job ?
  9. So the slot owners know what's being added and removed
  10. Unsure where you learnt to count. plus my ownership slot ^
  11. Havent been able to for a while
  12. Sprinter Owned by Jake Slots owned by Tangy, Wessel, Slav King, Rain and Lyne Description 'We running like really fast n' stuff' Private Custom Job & Updated Monthly Not for sale Weapons Winchester 1897, Ithaca M37, M14, Barret M82, M249, Mac-10, ACR, Scar, MP9, MK14 EBR, FN Fal, M16 ACOG, TMP and Kac PDW (Private to Sprinter) Sweps Active Camouflage, Unarrest Baton, Disguise Kit, Climb Swep, BHop Swep, HL2 Medkit, Hackphone, Keypad Cracker, Lockpick and Magic Sword Abilities 100 Armour, Ability to Take Hits, Ability to Mug, Ability to Raid Bank, Ability to Raid PD and Ability to Build on Streets Entities DJ Equipment, Weed Equipment, Armour Charger, LSD, PCP and Alcohol
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