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  1. Lucifer™

    Inv reset thingy

    Should wipe you of all explosives.
  2. Lucifer™

    Buying Rebellion Or Others

    boner best cj
  3. Lucifer™

    Buying cj slots

    Undercover Hooker @Turtle
  4. Lucifer™

    Buying Rebellon/Gman

    sneeky man is buying???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. Lucifer™

    Selling Rebellion

    £5 with fee just because you love me more than @Noseian.
  6. Lucifer™

    Buying a cheap CJs with IGM

    Good luck trying to get Exile for that price xoxo,Rebellion maybe.
  7. Lucifer™

    Noseian's Trading Store

  8. Lucifer™

    Selling puffer

    sure better buy it before Immersel 😮
  9. Lucifer™

    Selling puffer

    100 quid and its yours xoxo
  10. Lucifer™

    Selling puffer

    G R A V E D I G G I N G
  11. Lucifer™


    Neither can Riph,really.
  12. Lucifer™


    Guys,guys enough with the legless jokes,I think we should listen to @Riph's stand on this.
  13. Lucifer™


    This is why I love @TheWubDoctor pss you owe me 10mill now for saying that
  14. Lucifer™


    Pretty sure you can't sell in game money for real life money 1.5 Currency The act of selling any form of in-game currency for real life money is not allowed and warrants your RP cash to be reset.