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  1. Lucifer™

    rank on forums

    Your rank on the forums is sync with your in game rank, but since you got banned permanently while you were a mod, you didnt get to sync it back to member. And a community ban would represent you better. Stop posting stupid shit.
  2. aight I admit defeat. You win. I can't top that
  3. Lucifer™

    Selling Blaze

    How many blaze slots do you have jeez, thought you sold yours 3 months ago??
  4. Lucifer™

    Up Votes

    When is my next promotion daddy
  5. Lucifer™

    Up Votes

    idk ask @Chriss but then again he probably bought all of his upvotes smh my head
  6. Lucifer™


    eurobeat needs to be LOUDER
  7. IGN:Lucifer Description:Selling CJs Payment method(s):Paypal Discord:§alt™#3613 Boney Description: Skeleton HL2 Player Model Can raid and base with everyone Verified Weapons: m9k_scar , double barrel, m9k_ithacam37, m9k_Jackhammer, m9k_M3, m9k_Matador, m9k_mp5sd, m9k_barret_m82, m9k_sl8, M9k_m60, weapon_357, Famas, Winchester 87(The Spinny one) SWEPS: Magic Sword, Active Camouflage, 100 Armor, Climb Swep 2, Hackphone, Disguise, BHop Swep, Unarrest Baton, Police Shield, lockpick Abilities: Meth Cook, Raid PD, Build on streets, Raid Bank, Mug, Weed NFS(Not for sale) Owners: @Noseian @Zabiehunter Private Military Slot Description: Eli hl2 player model Acts as Civil Protection Can base with anyone (when hired as guard) Weapons: Magic Sword, Kriss Vector, SVT 40 SWEPS: Active Camouflage ,Climb SWEP, Hack-phone, Disguise, 100 Armour, Arrest/Unarrest Baton, Battering Ram, Stun-stick, Weapon Checker, Shield Abilities: DJ Equipment, Hits, Hired as guard, Can Raid when hired. NFS Rebellion Slot Owner: @roast Description: You may base and raid with anyone. HL2 Medic playermodel Weapons: FAMAS - TAR-21 - CROSSBOW - Double Barrel Shotgun - Dragunov SVU - Ithaca M37 - USAS - HK SL8 SWEPS: Magic Sword - Climb SWEP - Bhop SWEP - Fists - Police Shield - Bugbait - Unarrest Baton - Camo SWEP - Medic Kit - Hack Phone - Disguise Kit - Keypad Cracker - Pro Lockpick Features: 100 Armor - Raid PD - Raid Bank - Build on the streets - Mug People - Kidnap People - Cook Meth - Grow Weed - Generate Bitcoin - Brew Moonshine - Spawn Armor Charger - DJ Equipment - Take hits - £150 Salary Not selling atm
  8. I’ve already creamed all over it
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