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  1. mine is better https://discord.gg/SU2KzfM
  2. look at you and your fancy text
  3. @Ve l The Cat is like a really good admin yes yes, she even shared the food she was eating with me and @Kirufureimu but all that aside Ve is a really great admin and is very competent and good at her job. she is also good at singing 👍
  4. i mean she kept on chasing me demanding that I take half of her pumpkin earnings (1.25k) when we split it 1/1 and I died but in all honesty ve is great admin yes yes
  5. There is a button somewhere on steam where you can uninstall all your addons at the same time Go to the Garry's Mod Addons page and then hover over the Browse Button and press on the 'Subscribed items' And then on the right there should be an 'Unsubscribe From All' button
  6. Axerfen

    Moonshine Guide

    Easier way to not lose money when killing yourself and not being poor is just do it irl
  7. January 12rd 2020 Got an STD from VojtaZz but was cured by riph because riph claimed to know how to deal with it from experience May 23rd 2020 VojtaZz is still doing good as ever but i am speculating of him being a bot May 45th 2020 VojtaZz is confirmed to be a bot but still nicest admin 'so far'
  8. Axerfen

    Ice Cube

    *audible nose exhale* boi
  9. Axerfen


    What he said No but seriously. If you don't have a climb_Swep just run then crouch+jump and you'll go as fast as you can like 270 or get a friend with a stunstick to smack you when you jump If you have climb_swep then do the bouncy thing then switch and you go fwoosh
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