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  1. you still not had a wash

    1. Riph


      Massive forehead

    2. reeceobz


      same to be fair


  2. He's been doing a great job recently, deserving of a recommendation.
  3. Pls get back to me asap


  4. Riph

    Can't restore gang

    No idea how it works, cant remember. But maybe try with the quotation marks if you haven't already. check_gang "SwedishMotherFuckers"
  5. Riph


    I haven't even been breathing for that long. Good job dude @Eeki
  6. Are you taking in game money, or just IRL? @Freddy skinhub.com
  7. Riph


    Can agree, Mike is proving to be a great addition to the staff team
  8. Riph

    Trick for the Meth

    Way I see it if you can buy 100 printers, slap them on a rack and make a tonne of money, you can buy stoves and do the same. Just adds a cool aspect to making meth if u ask me.
  9. Riph

    Staff Report

    Please make your staff complaints in the correct place. https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/forms/2-report-a-staff-member/
  10. Yoo still waiting for you to explain what I did that lead you to banning me for nitrp

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    2. xCharz


      lol rekt

    3. Riph


      @xCharz - Dw mate he's perma banned now 😂Tried to IP grab me in DM's, cheers for support :)

    4. xCharz


      Ah its no problem, I dont like people I respect to get like annoyed by a rage dweeb 😂

  11. Riph

    Riph and Jaz

    Cheers @Holm mate, really appreciate it ❤️ Early morning squad ftw
  12. Riph


    @Paul be quiet, I was A S L E E P
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