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  1. In game name * : natin green

    Steam profile link * :https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198931894116

    When you joined the server: I played it nearly 1 week and its amazing

    Describe yourself * : I like making friends im nice I like helping out and being friendly I really like to be in a gang I get excited im always happy.

    Why you wish to become a member of Method* : I know yato from the group and he told me to join so I was thinking and its the only good one here so I picked yous and I really want to help you all out

    1. Riph


      Hi mate, apply on the gang page please 

  2. Riph

    Marine CJ

    We did not agree to this.
  3. Changed my mind, Ve is a SHIT staff member and I hope she gets DEMOTED ASAP.
  4. Ve was an extremely promising mod, and an even better admin. Proved her worth and continues to do so. Deserving of the credit and personally I hope she'll stay with us for a while. Well done!
  5. you still not had a wash

    1. Riph


      Massive forehead

    2. reeceobz


      same to be fair


  6. He's been doing a great job recently, deserving of a recommendation.
  7. Pls get back to me asap


  8. Riph

    Can't restore gang

    No idea how it works, cant remember. But maybe try with the quotation marks if you haven't already. check_gang "SwedishMotherFuckers"
  9. Riph


    I haven't even been breathing for that long. Good job dude @Eeki
  10. Are you taking in game money, or just IRL? @Freddy skinhub.com
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