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  1. Riph

    Riph and Jaz

    Cheers @Holm mate, really appreciate it ❤️ Early morning squad ftw
  2. Riph


    @Paul be quiet, I was A S L E E P
  3. Riph

    Just your normal Players

    My man ❤️
  4. Riph


    SuPerAdmIN wHEn
  5. Riph


    v0dka is a great guy from what Ive seen, keep it up @v0dka
  6. Riph


    @Florian is a legendary man
  7. Riph

    Donation Issue

    All the information you need regarding donations is presented for you and is pretty clear. As previously stated, you may pm Roast about it if you wish to take this further although I doubt anything can be done about it since you have received no wrongdoing from what I have gathered. This thread is beginning to get out of hand and off topic. Locked
  8. Riph


    1. See's recommendation 2. Reads comments 3. Realises this has taken over my life
  9. Riph


    I think most of the comments on here are forgetting the contents of the post. @Oaky has given @GamerBoy some well deserved credit for doing his job to the best of his ability with so many people on the server and with no other staff on duty. At that moment in time, he was doing a great job and he deserves to know that. Yes, Gamerboy has made multiple mistakes and has been punished accordingly. He should not, by any means, have to suffer through his time on duty due to his past errors. I totally agree that his age and/or the fact that he has donated should not mean he deserves to be treated any differently to other staff members nor should he be given any sort of privilege. Nevertheless, he does deserve the praise that Oaky is giving him here. As for the supposed verbal abuse, the offenders will face the appropriate consequences if they have done what they are accused of. But that should be dealt with via a complaint, not on a recommendation post. This section of the forums is here to commend people, not to complain about them or others.
  10. Riph

    Selling rebellion

    To be fair Ill give you my other leg for the walkers roast chicken
  11. Its actually my second appeal. Please get your info right b4 you say stuff like that, thanks :)

    1. Riph


      Dont post on my profile with stuff I say on ban appeals, whether its the second or third time you shouldn't have appealed again in the first place. 

  12. Riph

    Poncho's Store

  13. Riph

    Poncho's Store

    That dancing combine turns me on
  14. Riph


    Some "width" guy? Sounds like a tosser to me.
  15. Riph

    John Dong

    Great admin, thought his name was John Dong ngl. All round cool and down to Earth guy. @John Jong