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  1. it took long e-fucking-nough dumbass grim reaper boner type shit
  2. me when @Jerry Dicksen :) wins the giveaway
  3. so funny and so nice all the time, he is so helpful on CG (cloud gaming) and he is so useful for the staff team!!! Jamie is not SUS
  4. I prefer the guns that take no skill what so ever and kill everything they touch, good thing for me is that is every single gun I touch because I am a NIG gang member. NIG gang rise up
  5. haha imagine if byreaper wins it somehow that would be crazy haha wouldnt it 🙂
  6. You could either use the forums messaging system, or attempt to talk to them in the discord: https://discord.gg/CTrz7WKHSK
  7. Always see him on the server, grinding it out and adding a couple peoples worth to the playercount with his pure size. Does bits for the server on QA, an alright guy all around. Has no teeth from his extensive monster addiction and type 2 diabetes, and he'll probably die in a few weeks. hes alright i guess.
  8. 😎gaming moves