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  1. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    Thats why I made the base 150 so people can discuss a price, besides I sold a weapon on it and the price has been lowered I just haven't gotten round to updating the store page Also 105 for a CJ with items worth well over £150+ on it is a pretty good deal considering you offered 100
  2. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    I've said what I am willing to sell it for. stop lowballing
  3. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    105 and u pay fees
  4. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    I'll go as low as like 125. It has a lot of good shit on it like meth and bitmining as well as pretty much all of the good sweps for a CJ
  5. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    what u buying g?
  6. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    If ur legit wanting to buy something pls DM in disc/etc
  7. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    Me neither - fuck outta here with that weak shit
  8. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    Sold the "M9k_m16a4_acog" to Noseian No longer on Ranger
  9. Poncho_

    Noseian's Trading Store

    bought from me
  10. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    Both of them are 150, which one are you mad about?
  11. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    Updated store. Added rebelion and prices for ownership
  12. Poncho_

    Eskimo's Store

  13. Poncho_

    Got u rightfully banned

    Make an unban appeal here
  14. Poncho_

    Need a good recording software

    I would recomend either Shadowplays - If you have an NVIDIA gpu, Plays.TV - all around a good passive recording software with a built in editor and uploader.
  15. Poncho_

    Poncho's Store

    Updated: I am the new owner of "Puffer"