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    Courier reacted to kees van der spek for a status update, Absolute mad lad sadly banned tho   
    Absolute mad lad sadly banned tho
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    Courier reacted to Logan. for a status update, 21 bruh   
    21 bruh
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    Courier reacted to Riph for a status update, So let me explain. I was banned yesterday for 5 DAYS. The reasoning for this was that   
    So let me explain.
    I was banned yesterday for 5 DAYS. The reasoning for this was that I apparently left the server as people were raiding me. Now, I was AFK and left the base up for people to carry on doing what they were doing before I went AFK. I am not saying that I WAS in fact on the game, but I am saying that I had no control over the situation and the fact that it happened at such an inconvenient time is nothing I or anybody else can explain, it seems so fake which is probably why my appeal was declined. But what happened was My PC crashed and my Keyboard fully packed up and broke, I had a message at the bottom right of my screen saying the same/similar message as in the Image I have posted below (This is not my Image, just an example). I mentioned all of this in my appeal, I 100% understand how it looks and can see why my appeal was declined. But the way I was responded to by an ADMIN+ no less, was disgusting. He took my genuine situation, and made it look like an utter joke. But tell me this. If you go onto a server, purchase GVIP and spend an additional £35 on a Custom Job, which by the way was handled horribly, then why would I decide to break such an obvious and well known rule and get myself a guaranteed ban? I'm not fucking rich, if I spend money on something I'm going to do what I can to keep what I received and purposefully getting banned doesn't seem like a way of keeping my purchased in-game items etc. But of course, the staff team do not care if you help the server grow with your own hard earned cash.
    This is what was said to me on my appeal. Keep in mind, this is an admin+. Somebody who is supposed to have respect for the people he manages on a daily basis like they do for him:
    "I've never heard such awful excuses. I also do not care how much money you spend on the server" - Curski
    "This is some extremely terrible luck or you are just blatantly lying. I choose the latter." - Curski
    "I sure hope you didn't accidentally spill anything while writing this unban appeal" - Curski
    The rest of what he said I completely agreed with and understood. It was an unfortunate event and there is no proof I have to back my story up other than my word but that sure as shit does not mean he can treat me like that, bearing in mind he also has no proof that what I say is FALSE. He just has proof that I was not on the server and I did break a rule, whether it was purposeful on not, he does not know and therefore should have left it with declined and that I had a lack of proof to my story. The sarcastic comments were not needed.
    What pisses me off the most is that whenever I have spoken to a member of staff, including the ones involved, I have been 100% respectful and formal towards them. I, for one, expect that back. But what I got back was immature and unnecessary shit. I've seen it countless times within OOC chat in game, and have always turned a blind eye because it was nothing to do with me. But looking back, I just wish I wouldn't have been so delusional about the dysfunctional server and staff team and spoke up in defence for the people they think they can walk all over. But as the server grows, they'll realise they cannot just do what they want. They'll have to become professional about their duties one day.
    Don't get me wrong, this status is not to try and get unbanned. It is far from that, I wont be coming back to the server after this. They've got what they want from me, and I was still treated like shit, nobody in their right mind would return to that. They'll probably delete this or plant some more toxic, disrespectful sarcasm in the comments. But as you can clearly see, they do not give a slight fuck about the money you spend. They don't care about respect. They are biased, hypocritical and horrible people. Get yourself out of the community before you see this part of it, the good side of the community means nothing to them  
    (I do not think all of the staff team are dysfunctional, in fact most aren't. Its actually higher up staff that are the worst. Baffling right?) 
    Thanks for reading (if u did, I know it's long as fuck). I had to get that all out and I won't be returning, they already have my money and they wont get any more of my time (as if they give a fuck). Thank you to all that were not complete and utter dickheads and made my experience better whilst I was there.
    Have a great day/night, bye.

  4. Haha
    Courier reacted to Havoc for a status update, Have a nice day logan!   
    Have a nice day logan!