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  1. UPDATE: disguisekit added for next restart🕵‍♂️
  2. Nah I'm not allowed, But I'm gonna try and add as much as i can
  3. UPDATE: disguisekit confirmed to be added in the next couple weeks🤤
  4. ~ all Prices include transfer fee ~ If your interested in purchasing a CJ message me on the forums or on discord. ~ Any thing that is orange is in line to be added. ~ All transactions are made through PayPal ⫷⫸♛⫷⫸ 】Underground Predator【 Description: Underground Predator is a mutant custom job and follows the same rules as a mutant, however this is one beefy mutant... Sweps: Camo Swep, disguisekit, CSGO knife Other: 100 armor 〄 Sold Ownership 〄 IG Name: CG I Whitehound Selling: underground predator Description: beefy mutant Price: £35 Payment method(s): PayPal only Other comments: not recommend as first CJ
  5. Damn isn't msword like 50 to add?
  6. May be interested mate could u pm me what's on it? And model
  7. What happened to the method and keypad cracker?
  8. Any hope of an armor charger?
  9. Accept discord friend request
  10. Is that offer still there?
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