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  3. My suggestion for success. This is an application about you. Everyone having the same points and eventually the same application leads nowhere. Make sure you are known by the players and staff, active, not have any recent punishments. If the staff know you and how valuable you would be you don't need a perfect application, similarly, if you are mediocre, a perfect application won't save you. My final tip is to not ask for attention, no asking staff to reply, no asking for support, nothing.
  4. did you forget that when you sell weed in larger batches it sells for more? ?
  5. OoO

    Error on lots of guns

    the guns don't have anything to do with CS:S. If you're having issues with the m9k guns subscribe the the m9k gun addons. However, restarting the game fixes it 99% of the time
  6. weapon checker speed
  7. Not currently. Most weapons have stats on /jobs, others (like staff exclusive or others) are completely unknown, and they are subject to change.
  8. Updated Carl (now Sylph)
  9. Welcome to my templates. These exist in order to make your store look nice, effortlessly. They are all my own work, free for everyone's use. But why? The advantage of using my templates is that they guarantee a quality looking store that you can edit yourself (text for description and prices) Want a template added? Send me a PM. While the goal is to eventually have all of the CJs people need, if demand is shown I can do one sooner. Own a CJ? If you want a template edited (change in design, description, etc.) send me a pm. I am glad to customize the templates to the owners' desires. (this can be anything from thickness of border, to background color, to any other design changes) To start: First find the template you want to use then go to How to Use and follow the instructions.
  10. Added Brute Added Spetsnaz
  11. what is there not to love about panda
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