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  1. Immersel

    Logan's Store

    how could you do that to custom job custom job dude but rebellion is still pretty good
  2. look at the previous pages rz explained why 'custom job' cant cook meth
  3. Updated Listings hmu if u wanna buy a slot to crusader, i havent got a exact price so just give me offer and i'll see. also slots might be a bit overpriced due to me wanting the job to be somewhat private still. discord is 'Immersel#0886'
  4. was gonna buy but think this has changed my mind
  5. Immersel

    Rappids store

    Mate what are you doing bringing up these old stores ? up to your old tricks I see
  6. do the hats come with it lol but nice cj tho
  7. logan stinks of fish from the chippy
  8. Updated Listings probably gonna sell some slots to crusader only a few tho hmu with an offer also hmu if u wanna buy full ownership immer#0886
  9. Or you could get a job called Steven which has more then boney and has more clout but you have rebellion atm so stay rebellion gang
  10. Updated Listings Hnood now co-owns that steven cj say goodbye to rz lol
  11. Updated Listings Changed Angry Feminist name to Crusader Model changed to Eli Colour changed to RGB: 172, 172, 172 (Light grey) Thanks to Holm for making the template!
  12. wait is that real miller ? but fr you probably should contact someone about this if this is the case.
  13. Immersel

    Eskimo's Store

    I mean it doesn't really need it, Exile has more then you need really. Matador is shit and IED is bugged atm, ex41 is a btec matador and you can't buy M202 from what I know. Also most other explosives are not allowed to be bought or have been removed from the M9K pack.
  14. Updated Listings I own Angry Feminist custom job omg!
  15. No longer looking for custom jobs
  16. Updated Listings No longer selling exile. Looking to buy a CJ with IGM. Message me Immersel#0886 for more information.
  17. Immersel

    Buying Baldy

    This is worse then the things sneekyman says in steven slot owners chat
  18. Updated Listings Exile is now on sale for £40 but I am willing to negotiate. Also accepting custom job swaps depending on what the custom job is. Message me for more information Immersel#0886
  19. bruh if baldy is so "good" why are you selling it and not steven lol ?
  20. nice to see you back 

    1. Chriss


      Nice to see you to see you nice 

  21. Updated Listings Exile is still up for sale pm me for info Immersel#0886
  22. baldy is a shit custom job dont @ me
  23. Updated Listings Now looking to trade Exile for Gman If you have an offer please pm me on discord Immersel#0886 Other comments: you pay both fees cuz im skint lol also if you just wanna buy exile just hmu
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