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    I quite like the Cock on my profile background
    Also i like games i guess

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  1. BTEC vodka


    Jez is still best modmin++ od
  2. BTEC vodka

    Ice Cube

    ICE COOOOBIE eats many banan yes get A+ and i apply for staff again?
  3. BTEC vodka


    Nasty ass ginger. jk luv you
  4. BTEC vodka

    Selling Rebellion

    tf is that?
  5. BTEC vodka

    Hello Store yes

    fat, im sure thats pretty skinny
  6. BTEC vodka

    Just your normal Players

    Absolute woghead
  7. BTEC vodka

    Just your normal Players

    Logan ya fat
  8. BTEC vodka

    Buying Rebellon/Gman

    Now im pretty retarded
  9. BTEC vodka

    Buying Rebellon/Gman

  10. BTEC vodka

    Commodore 64

    Dont complain i got less than you and ur not even staff dab
  11. BTEC vodka


    I agree with @Noseian he should get a+, @Florian do a deal with him and make him apply if you get sa
  12. BTEC vodka

    Commodore 64

    It isn't fair i got 37 mins od and struggle
  13. BTEC vodka

    Holm's Store

    Might buy soon
  14. BTEC vodka

    FBI Spooderman

    @Spooderman good job
  15. BTEC vodka


    @D34THC47 you are one of the best staff members on CG in my opinion but we cant forget about GamerBoy because even at his age he is progressing very well and deserves mention aswell