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  1. FajitasCaptainDuCkツ


    Thanks! Twat.
  2. FajitasCaptainDuCkツ


    reb is fun yeyeyeeeyyey
  3. duckity quackity qackity rip quackshipity
  4. It used to have Magic sword but @Agent yoinked it for marine when he owned the job
  5. Zombine model and it has nothing on it
  6. @Tamajokevery single CJ has salary of 150
  7. Smh we let sick go outside find some midgets and farm them 10 smh out of 10
  8. Didn't know he was a staff member when we played, but yeah was fun to play.
  9. Fun Fact:😥 Had no fekin idea there was a template for recommendation lol But to be fair Havoc is nice staff I suppose, but damn when he wants to tell you some story or something. You Just RuN.
  10. Because it didn't support your file type Try sending your gif in discord which keeps their URL forever and copying that URL as picture, should work
  11. Fortnite Grinder is now called Freaky Frank @D34THC47
  12. @Spooderman have u seen @Spooderman?
  13. Buying: Cjs with igm IG Name: FajitasCaptainDuCk Buying: Buying CJs Description: Looking for rebbelion, baldy, exile and boney Looking to pay: IGM Payment method(s): IGM Other comments: If need to contact add me on steam or PM on discord. https://steamcommunity.com/id/quackqauckquack/ FajiCapiDuCk#2654
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