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  1. FajitasCaptainDuCkツ

    Updated Job Rules List

    Fortnite Grinder is now called Freaky Frank @D34THC47
  2. FajitasCaptainDuCkツ

    FBI Spooderman

    @Spooderman have u seen @Spooderman?
  3. FajitasCaptainDuCkツ

    Buying CJs with igm

    Buying: Cjs with igm IG Name: FajitasCaptainDuCk Buying: Buying CJs Description: Looking for rebbelion, baldy, exile and boney Looking to pay: IGM Payment method(s): IGM Other comments: If need to contact add me on steam or PM on discord. https://steamcommunity.com/id/quackqauckquack/ FajiCapiDuCk#2654
  4. FajitasCaptainDuCkツ

    Custom Crosshairs

    Atleast its not building guide which is 3 pages long, again nice guide
  5. FajitasCaptainDuCkツ

    Basic Building Guide and Tips

    He writes bibles in his free time
  6. FajitasCaptainDuCkツ

    Basic Building Guide and Tips

    This man loves building that much, that he made this, but to be fair nice guide.