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  1. I remember when Oscar was inactive af im glaf to see that oscar is basically always in duty now, well done buddy
  2. Update: Should have almost every weapon/tool now, if i missed anything please let me know
  3. half of the weapons are in there so it just makes my life easier
  4. Pistols m9k_colt1911 m9k_coltpython m9k_hk45 m9k_deagle m9k_glock m9k_m29satan m9k_ragingbull m9k_scoped_taurus m9k_model3russian m9k_model500 m9k_remington1858 m9k_model627 m9k_usp m9k_tec9 m9k_sig_p229r m9k_m92beretta weapon_357 Submachine Guns m9k_mp40 m9k_magpulpdr m9k_mp7 m9k_mp5sd m9k_vector m9k_smgp90 m9k_mp5 m9k_usc m9k_kac_pdw m9k_sten m9k_thompson m9k_tec9 blast_msbsb m9k_ump45 m9k_mp9 m9k_bizonp19 m9k_uzi Shotguns m9k_browningauto5 m9k_ithacam37 m9k_dbarrel m9k_usas m9k_spas12 m9k_m3 m9k_jackhammer m9k_remington870 m9k_1897winchester m9k_1887winchester m9k_mossberg590 m9k_striker12 Assault Rifes m9k_scar m9k_m16a4_acog m9k_amd65 m9k_m416 m9k_val m9k_g36 m9k_winchester73 m9k_ak74 m9k_g3a3 m9k_vikhr m9k_tar21 m9k_ak47 m9k_f2000 m9k_fal m9k_acr m9k_an94 m9k_auga3 m9k_famas m9k_m4a1 m9k_l85 Snipers m9k_aw50 m9k_svt40 m9k_dragunov m9k_svu m9k_sl8 M9k_psg1 m9k_remington7615p m9k_contender m9k_barret_m82 m9k_svt40 unclen8_mk14 m9k_m14sp m9k_m24 m9k_intervention m9k_m98b LMGs m9k_m1918bar m9k_minigun m9k_m60 m9k_pkm blast_lsat m9k_fg42 m9k_m249lmg Explosives m9k_matador m9k_ied_detonator m9k_rpg7 m9k_m202 Other Weapons m9k_damascus weapon_crossbow m9k_knife CS-GO Weapons Vulcan: clt_akvlcn Dlore: awpdragon Glock Candy Apple: clt_glck18_cda Glock Fade: clt_glck18_fde csgo_bayonet csgo_bayonet_crimsonwebs csgo_bayonet_fade csgo_bayonet_marblefade csgo_bayonet_ultraviolet csgo_bayonet_tiger csgo_bowie_marblefade csgo_bowie_ultraviolet csgo_bowie csgo_bowie_fade csgo_butterfly csgo_butterfly_fade csgo_flip csgo_flip_boreal csgo_flip_crimsonwebs csgo_flip_fade csgo_gut csgo_gut_fade csgo_gut_crimsonwebs csgo_huntsman_boreal csgo_huntsman_marblefade csgo_karambit csgo_karambit_fade csgo_karambit_marblefade csgo_karambit_tiger csgo_karambit_ultraviolet csgo_m9 csgo_m9_boreal csgo_m9_crimsonwebs csgo_m9_fade csgo_m9_marblefade csgo_m9_tiger csgo_falchion csgo_falchion_crimsonwebs csgo_falchion_fade csgo_gut_crimsonwebs csgo_huntsman Other arrest_stick unarrest_stick stunstick door_ram weaponchecker disguisekit weapon_camo weapon_hack_phone climb_swep2 bhop_swep 3d2dcracker_weapon pro_lockpick_update weapon_policeshield opbugbait wp_hammer med_kit pickaxe velkon_guitar weapon_fists weapon_fidget gmod_camera More will be added Feel free to comment weapon names that i may have missed or any i have fucked up ones that i do need are all the knives and csgo weapons
  5. Buy Soldier and ill throw in a free African giraffe
  6. wot @DC is the best Trial Modmin+ Event host on the planet
  7. Atleast yours doesnt open a cmd console instead of the game
  8. @D34THC47 pls stop being so good at staff, give others a chance, jk your doing a great job man keep it up
  9. The second p;art by the smiley
  10. added for the young slot
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