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  1. i thought this was yours at first
  2. Kaede❄

    Selling CJ's

    tahnky uo for the mad chef i9 ap[rpreacite it and they arent THAT BAD
  3. Kaede❄

    Selling CJ's

    Avi has done nothing but bring me down as a person. everyday i come in here and all Avi does is tear me down insult me hurt me with Avi's words and does nothing but harm me emotionally physically mentally and I just can’t take it any longer this server is so abusive and toxic it’s crazy. no one even realizes how disgusting all of Avi's behaviors are. every single time I talk or type or even does anything or interact with anyone in the server everybody just goes against me and trains up on me like a pack of wolves and just attacks me and i didn’t does anything to deserve these attacks and these hurtful words. i literally just try to be nice to everybody but nobody ever wants to be in my shoes and nobody ever tries to sympathize with me and see where I’m coming from all of Avi just see me as the enemy and as the bad guy that’s trying to ruin the server or something when really I’m just trying to spread positivity. Avi guys act like I’m some kind of virus or disease, constantly casting me out so much, making me feel so left out and so alone in this server. it’s driving me insane, I feel mental and I feel like a weirdoes just being around all of Avi because of how Avi treat me. at this point in time, I’ve given up on ever trying again and ever becoming any of Avi's friends because I just know Avi's feelings towards me clearly. i know all of Avi hate me and never want to be around me again or never have anything to does with me. it’s clear that Avi all think I’m a joke and that I’m slow, idiotic and a waste of space. it’s so mean because I literally don’t does anything to Avi guys but Avi guys always act like Avi hate me and it makes me feel so confused because I don’t know what I did to deserve it. I feel like I should just quit because clearly nobody wants to be around me and everyone would be happier if i left anyways so I’ll just go and i hope all of Avi find happiness in life. and i’m sory for all the troubles i’ve ever put any of you through. i give up. goodbye.
  4. Kaede❄

    Selling CJ's

    this is shit can i have mad chef?
  5. Mic spamming drives some people up a wall dont see why it cant be illegal
  6. if you still have ultimate vip in your inventory type !checkrank ingame
  7. Added Raging Bull and Remington 1858 to V
  8. Added S&W Model 500 and Model 627 to V
  9. Declined There is a rule in place to stop situations like these from happening and honestly I've never seen someone go around spamming E on people to see if they're disguised and I doubt many people even know you can do that. -The QA Team