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  1. Havoc

    How to be an admin in Dark RP

    He is in faze give him admin now
  2. Havoc

    Baba Gili

  3. Havoc

    little bit of an icky wicky problem

    App is short. -Support
  4. Havoc

    Immersels Corner Shop

    True 300 mil when you think about it is a really good price nvm I'm gonna start collecting from now on lol.
  5. Havoc

    Immersels Corner Shop

    As I said I don't know how much CJ's are worth so sorry if the price is stupid but if it's about 350 mil I give up since that would take literally a month.
  6. Havoc

    Immersels Corner Shop

    Well idk how much they are worth so I might give a dumb price and excuse me on that part. Is 100mil good?
  7. Havoc

    Immersels Corner Shop

    How much fattie?
  8. Havoc

    Immersels Corner Shop

    For how much in game money is the cheapest CJ you are selling? I'm wondering since I might save up.
  9. Havoc

    Guide for RPG proof base

    This really helped me out even after 2 years!
  10. Havoc


    Best singer.
  11. Havoc

    The man who puts in all the work.

    Couldn't agree more.
  12. Havoc


    I really want to recommend D34THC47 since I personally think that he is one of the most mature, kind and dedicated admins. Whenever there are reports even if about 3 or 4 he would instantly go on duty even if there are already 2 staff let's say. He also even after over 50 hours OD he still doesn't take a break and always helps od no matter what and I think that just shows how much he is dedicated and helpful to the staff team also today when there were about 20 reports he helped me so me him and spooderman handled all the reports ourself since none other staff wanted to help. I think this kind of work should be really appreciated and thanked for.