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  1. Havoc


    just wiped out tomato town
  2. jamie is a cool guy i really like his spikey hair and his great attitude
  3. Havoc


    comparing me with chris wtf ok man thats just too far take it back right now
  4. just jump on the benjamin meta and all your financial problems will be solved!
  5. Same I got rebellion for 70 mil or even a bit cheaper, you just have to be patient and you will find the right offer
  6. You must be some crazy good staff member for mortimer to make a post about you
  7. Havoc


    You sure you didn't tag the wrong guy?
  8. Havoc

    Up Votes

    Don't be Bobby Joe and you should be good
  9. Havoc


    It's actually a tortoise 😳
  10. Havoc

    dylhebbz’ store!

    Wow, amazing store food review dylhebbz!
  11. Havoc


    Pretty sure @Toasthas a video about this. Just pm him on discord and ask for the video as it will be easier to learn if you actually look from his perspective than just being told what to do.
  12. Have a nice day logan!

  13. Havoc

    Selling boney

    I would keep my doors locked at night after this post. Never know when Noseian might come pay a visit.
  14. @Chriss You replied to a post called "Buying bad category CJ" saying he should get boney LULW
  15. Havoc

    NPC Guide

    This is a really good guide and will be so helpful for the new players
  16. I feel like you should make that text a bit more easier to notice to avoid people saying the things like I said
  17. Didn't 15 post a huge guide already? Correct me if I'm wrong
  18. Havoc


    He also likes kanye west support+
  19. Havoc

    Secret Places

    Well they're not really secret if you tell everyone about them
  20. Havoc

    Ice Cube

    Other than being a great staff member ice cube was always a nice guy to hang out with and talk. Ice is just overall a great person and a hot viking ❤️
  21. If you are willing to mine. Weed and printers on the other side don't require much work other than re-filling every now and then of course if you are in a gang if you aren't then just join one lol
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