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  1. At least it ends there, my rank in TBL is literally called "wanker"
  2. I wanted to recommend a special staff member called DTT luigi or as he's known on the forums @OscarGamez. i just wanted to say and i think the staff team will agree with me that Oscar takes Cloud Gaming into a whole different level, he's od almost every shift and for most of the shift, he's very active on the forums, he's very professional at his job as a staff member, he's a great person to talk with, he brings a good atmosphere anywhere he's present, off duty or on duty, and the most important, he was killed by god himself. I want to thank Oscar for the effort and time he's putting into the server, because if you need to force him to take a break, that's bad (in a good way). Thank you Oscar!
  3. i want to view an application and it says view_logs_error
  4. ACE guy


    i didnt quite understood the mentor thing i want to go od and i need to be mentored first can someone help?
  5. how can i see an application that has a view logs error? thanks for helping.
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