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  1. @Goth 20 pounds plus fee is the cheapest you'll find, I would just snag it up if I was you
  2. Agreed, does a great job OD and is a chill guy in game. Couldn't agree more.
  3. Hydra is definitely one of the kindest and chillest guys on CG, want to thank you for all the fun we have IG.
  4. Well, a very good price for the Hairy CJ - would recommend picking this up to anyone in need of a CJ
  5. Why do you hate Hairy so much smh
  6. Havent checked forums in a bit mb will read it after work
  7. The time has come to sell my beloved Gman. Still a solid CJ all around. Either IGM or paypal is fine. Open to offers!
  8. Hey D34THC47! I ended up fixing the problem by disabling CHROMIUM and reconnecting to the server - not sure why but it seems maybe CHROMIUM mode blocked me from downloading something. Thanks for the help, though.
  9. Hi everyone! I seem to have a problem with missing textures for the hats and masks. I've installed CSS textures, HalfLife EP 1 and 2 plus TF2 textures. I have conntected to the server multiple files after being reccomended this by an admin, but it doesnt seem to download any new files other than some files I have already downloaded every time I connect. Is there something obvious I am missing here? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, HNKDnB
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