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  1. Yes on both ;/
  2. IG Name: Stulen Selling: Exile, Spetsnaz and Marine. Price: Exile 35 including fee, Spetsnaz 40 including fee and Marine 40 including fee. Payment methods: Paypal, swift(bank), CS:GO skins and vipps(Norway) Discord: Stulen#0001
  3. Blaze sold only Exile left Stulen#0527 on discord if someone wants it.
  4. Ducky is SOLD add me on discord if you only want one of the 2 other jobs maybe we can come to a agreement.
  5. IG Name: Stulen Selling: Blaze and exile. Description: Selling together they both have alot of sweps and weapons. Price: 60£ i pay fee. Payment method(s): Paypal Other comments: Stulen#0527 Blaze - SOLD Ducky - SOLD
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