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  1. Updated Store Rogue Update Added 2 new sweps Lockpick, keypad cracker Added 3 new abilities Mugging. Kidnapping, Act as a hobo Active next restart
  2. No its not... Had offers, found one i am doing so closing that down.
  3. Cuz i think others could also get money maybe
  4. Updated Store Added new co-owner to rogue @Radec Planning to add more weapons and swepts to it soon, plans; Scar, Winchester 73, Cracker, Lockpick, Mug, Kidnap. Other Updates Starting to look to buy rebelion, HIghest price £35
  5. Very nice, proud with my slot yes yes very nice custom job go get that slot while it is still open
  6. Updated Store Updated Rogue Added Hack phone + Medkit Added ability to do hits
  7. have you tried ressing the missing tokens button in /store
  8. @Courier he clearly knows you get the best images
  9. Updated Store Rogue for sale once again.
  10. very nice shop, gl with it
  11. @Chr1ssY that better for your smol brain
  12. you can read cant you? these are 2 separate tabs
  13. hmm yes would like yes
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