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  1. WatuR

    Dancer store.

    It got Para aswell btw @Tangy unless you've changed something
  2. WatuR

    Question on 3.12

    Pd does not apply
  3. best you'll find is probably /poo
  4. Venice gets on my nerves!
  5. WatuR

    Turf clarification

    Youre not allowed to be inside of buildings to contest turf because standing in windows/doors gives you an advantage over the people in the circle
  6. WatuR


    Frizzles does not bail toast, i like this guy already
  7. WatuR


    wait he became an outstanding mod even though he had Toast as his mentor, this guy must be a natural
  8. WatuR

    Mod rank on forums.

    Have you rejoined the server since you got mod?
  9. To lose the least amount of speed is to move your mouse smoothly and not flick
  10. WatuR


    Omg kratos signed by the bigflip lets go
  11. Very good staff that should definitely become a mentor
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