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  1. If i remember i met s1ck by being camoed near spawn and being next to him above the billboard. Called me something but i have no memory to what he called me its been some time. Nice guy recommend seeing him camoed 10/10
  2. Ace Gaming man (choccy loves shitty ace puns)
  3. just me and relly being really good friends
  4. Snusman very epic he's always there to help when the poop goes down in cg sex
  5. @k0les hmu with discord BobZy#6666 i got a boney to sell
  6. BobZy


    skyfie mom house he took my tokens he's also sexy
  7. - Price updated (paypal works so i am able to pay the fee)
  8. hopefully, i haven't gotten it used yet. Just can't add money into it because im poor as hell
  9. Selling IG Name: BobZy Selling: Boney Description: custom job with guns and things Price: £35 (I pay fee) Payment method(s) PayPal Other comments: idk here's my discord BobZy#6666 Boney sold (kind of)
  10. BobZy


    a funny person @Skyfie also ur mom house skyfie you skank
  11. BobZy


    he flexed on me by buying a minigun from the token store while i lost my tokens to courier but yeah a very nice person overall
  12. now all the hobos are happy and won't be looking for a dumpster underground when i lurk there fear me
  13. Chr1ssY is a pigeon don't give him bread give him mcdonald's instead