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  1. Life is hard. And will always be we cannot change it. Maybe you can but how? That is the life question.
  2. Leevi you really like raiding me. Through windows. Got a little angry why everyone needs to -support everything i do i got my first thread accepted and it was my unban appeal i don't know why everyone hates me. ;(
  3. I uaed my phone to type thar help i can't even type a word right.
  4. I don't you use the recommend a player shit to do this but i want to recommend the whole server I have met nice peopla and I even got a friend on this server and i have even seen a swat helping me in a bank raid and everyone are nice and i meant the rule breakers to but they are annoying sometimes but can help to i want to thank everyone for my good rp experince on this server thanks to staff and all players. Best server ever forever!
  5. Ve I OBC and THC williamlukz and all other admins. They are good at taking sits and they are kind to me and others i love it.
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