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  2. Find their name in the tab menu, click on them, and then press invite to gang on the left.
  3. Rhys

    Hope you're doing well! Be blessed ❤️

  4. Medusa Update Active Next CJ Restart - Added m9k_pkm
  5. Medusa Update Active Next CJ Restart - Added bhop_swep - Added climb_swep2 - Added Double Barrel
  6. Medusa Additions - Ability To Mug - Ability to Raid Bank - Ability to Raid PD Active Next CJ Restart - Added Ability to act as hobo - Added 100 armour - Added Keypad Cracker
  7. alias bhop "use bhop_swep;bind mouse3 climb" alias climb "use climb_swep2;bind mouse3 bhop" bind mouse3 bhop Useful bind aswell, just uses your mousewheel
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