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  1. +Support spoodermann very gud boi yes yes
  2. Dragos587

    Leevi's Store

    im interested in the freaky frank slot yes
  3. Here's an example: "Stop following/annoying/bugbaiting/body blocking/prop pushing/aiming a gun at/disrespecting me/my friend! You have 5 seconds"
  4. Dragos587

    Leevi's Store

    for only 3 pound?
  5. Dragos587

    Leevi's Store

    nice maybe gonna buy
  6. its ok if you arent moving and have a sign that says "micspamming" or something like that just dont earrape
  7. He is one of the most creative people i have ever seen. He made my day today (in a good way not in a bad way). I have never been as sad in my life as i have been today.
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