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  1. i agree, turtle for superadmin
  2. Updated Store Removed "Remington 870" from Asuna Added "Winchester 1887" to Asuna Added 'Ability to grow weed" to Asuna Active next CJ Restart
  3. i agree, very good staff member
  4. 1.4 Advertisement - You may not advertise yours or other people's goods/services on other people's threads. make your own store cause we don't care
  5. Updated Store Added "Mk14 EBR" and "Unarrest baton" to Asuna Active next CJ restart
  6. Updated Store Added Asuna template by @Holm Also selling Asuna slots for 30 £
  7. IG name: Dragos587 Selling: Asuna Slots Description: selling Asuna slots for ice cream Price: Listed below Payment method(s): Paypal Other comments: buy me ice cream also if you have questions regarding Asuna pm me on the forums or beloeyy on discord at Beloeyy#3677 Asuna custom job Custom job ownership Partnership between @Beloeyy The Weeb and @Dragos587 Description You can raid and base with anyone You may not enforce the law Weapons: Winchester 87, Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle SWEPS: Bhop Swep, Unarrest Baton, Magic Sword Abilities: Take Hits, 100 Armor, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on the street, Ability to mug, Grow weed Price: 30£ © 2020 Holm ® All Rights Reserved.
  8. Dragos587

    Better cj

    rebellion already good
  9. I'm interested in the Cyrax slot. PM me on discord @ Dragos587#4732
  10. +Support spoodermann very gud boi yes yes
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