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    That sans cj lookin good
  2. Im talking about my boy @wingman here. I'm always really happy when i see him online. He always guarentees a good laugh and wholesome moments. Besides, I really apprieceate your dedication and talent in building cool stuff & coming up with great and fun ideas. Whatever life does to you my man stay strong. You're the ones of the last pure people out here.
  3. I’d like to thank all staff members firstly for accepting me into the team and for going easy on me. I know i’m making mistakes from time to time and instead of reprimanding me you teach me new things that really help in the future. So i feel obligated to thank all of you for being who you are. And i wish a great day to anyone who reads this thread. Edit: By sharing this post i am recommending ALL Staff members (excluding myself of course).
  4. Okay i understand now. Thank you for clearing it out for me!
  5. Hello im NaceL. I play DarkRP and recently joined this forum. I do not know how i get the rank in here as i am registered as a member. My STEAM ID is: STEAM_0:1:112828293 Thanks!
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