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  1. -Selling Chief inspector 15£ (you pay fee) -Selling Rebellion 20£ (you pay fee)
  2. -Added Chief Inspector
  3. i had the same trouble happening to this day, there is no really a fix to it, unless you remember the password and the email.
  4. EpicGamer


    Yes, indeed Radec always has been a good friend. and today is his birthday! happy birthday @Radec
  5. EpicGamer

    CJ restart

    Cj restarts are random. you have to be patient.
  6. I agree, we are in the same gang for a while a very funny and friendly guy and a very patient staff member. I hope he gets promoted
  7. Epic gamer's Crib IG Name:ImEpicGamer Selling : CJ's Discord: EpicGamer#2646 Payment method(s):only Paypal Chief Inspector Owner: @roast Description: Combine soldier hl2 player model Acts as Civil Protection and is the highest ranked CP of all Swat jobs Weapons: Magic Sword, Ithacam37, G36, AWP SWEPS: 175 Armour, Active Camouflage, Climb SWEP, Bhop Swep, Police Shield, a Disguise kit, Stunstick, Arrest/unarrest baton, Weapon checker, Battering ram Abilities: Follows the same rules as Swat Leader Price: 15£ Marine custom job Custom job ownership Full ownership by @Spooderman Description You can base in PD and build in streets You may enforce the law Weapons: M16A4 Acog, MP5SD, TAR-21, Pancor Jackhammer, AI AW50, Winchester 1897, M60 LMG, SVU. SWEPS: Climb SWEP, 150 Armour, Arrest/Unarrest Baton, Battering Ram, Stun-stick, Weapon Checker, Shield, Magic Sword, Medkit, Camo Swep, Disguise Kit, BHOP Swep. Abilities: Act as Civil Protection, Act as S.W.A.T Sniper, Ability to build on the street. Price : Not selling atm Rogue Rogue Information Owners: @Radec @Kirufureimu What job has: Weapons; m9k_ithacam37, M9k_mp5, m9k_val, m9k_famas, M9k_jackhammer, m9k_dragunov SWEPS; Unnarest Batton, weapon_medkit, weapon_hack_phone, 3d2dcracker_weapon, pro_lockpick_update, diguisekit, Bhop, Climb Abilities; Build in streets, Raid PD, Raid Bank, 100 Armour, Take Hits, Mug, Kidnap, Act as a hobo Entities; Printers, Weed, Other Comments: Own custom job that i will update until, using my own ideas. Can give ideas but don't expect it to be added Price: Not selling atm Rebellion Custom Job Owner: @roast Description: You may base and raid with anyone. HL2 Medic playermodel Weapons: FAMAS - TAR-21 - CROSSBOW - Double Barrel Shotgun - Dragunov SVU - Ithaca M37 - USAS - HK SL8 SWEPS: Magic Sword - Climb SWEP - Bhop SWEP - Fists - Police Shield - Bugbait - Unarrest Baton - Camo SWEP - Medic Kit - Hack Phone - Disguise Kit - Keypad Cracker - Pro Lockpick Features: 100 Armor - Raid PD - Raid Bank - Build on the streets - Mug People - Kidnap People - Cook Meth - Grow Weed - Generate Bitcoin - Brew Moonshine - Spawn Armor Charger - DJ Equipment - Take Hits - £150 Salary Price: 20£ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buying Buying Custom jobs for igm,but you have to pay fee Looking for offers pm me on discord!
  8. Indeed very good guy epic guy
  9. nice store, kinda hard to get , kinda hard to get soldier 110M amea. good luck
  10. sad to see a gman go
  11. omg i want this, sell it for igm please xd.
  12. IG Name:ImEpicGamer Buying:Any Kind Of CJ(mainly looking for a CI), Except Rebellion Description:N/A Looking to pay: 80M-150M (but am looking for deals) Payment method(s)IGM, you pay Fee Other comments: Mostly looking criminal CJ but CI can be considered. Discord: EpicGamer#2646
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