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  1. nice store, kinda hard to get , kinda hard to get soldier 110M amea. good luck
  2. omg i want this, sell it for igm please xd.
  3. IG Name:ImEpicGamer Buying:Any Kind Of CJ, Except Rebellion (already own) Description:N/A Looking to pay: 80M-150M (but am looking for deals) Payment method(s)IGM, you pay Fee Other comments: Mostly looking criminal CJ but CI can be considered. Discord: EpicGamer#2646
  4. EpicGamer

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  5. Very good,Very Cheap too Good luck 😎
  6. In-game name: TBL EpicGamer Looking to pay: (sent me and offer on discord EpicGamer#2646) Payment method(s) IGM (Not paying fee!) Buying: Rebellion (At the time) Bought!
  7. all the forum members right now realizing he isnt selling blaze for 20M:
  8. yh i think btw a guy doing right now Landfield Civilgamers.com just saying
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