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  1. good teammate lad $

  2. Main


  3. "By hiding behind a "dumb reaction" you prove that you dislike me, yet are afraid to say it to my face => pathetic, really :)"

    "yet are afraid to say it to my face" you are quite pathetic and I have only seen like 2 posts about you. About your posts : who in the living fucking world uses emotes and then calls it professional wtf?!

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    2. Avionix


      I have never seen someone more condescending and full of themselves lmao, get a grip

    3. Chriss


      80% of those that mass dumb react my posts do it "for the lulz/to act cool in front of their virtual friends", as for the other 20% ... well, those were the ones targeted by my P.S.”

      Jesus, you can read minds? That’s crazy. What’s next?

    4. netCat


      You'll see :)

  4. hows things?

    1. Chr1ssY




  5. good shit fam

  6. I appreciate your recommendation. About the demotion : I made it clear to a few higher ups that I don't give a damn anymore, so it is what it is. (btw why do I still have the DarkRP admin role still?) Neither is it your area to decide whether he gets the reason of my demotion or not. How about you stay outta this case, lad? We will meet again very soon hopefully, @TeaParty
  7. Absolutely insane! Nice one Chr1ssy!
  8. congrats on the 1500th positive reputation 😎

    1. Avionix



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