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  1. !!APYR OVER & OUT!!

  2. Have a good Easter everyone!

  3. Ran out of reactions just wanna say thanks to the people who supported my app! ❤️


  4. Fixed my blurry ass Pfp lmao

  5. JPEG_20210322_125933.jpgHEV_OVER-RAGE.jpeg?width=822&height=462New Profile Picture and Banner, I have no fucking clue why my pfp is so blurry but, idrc at this point lmao

    1. Jewish Gavin

      Jewish Gavin

      Apyr for super admin !

    2. Apyr


      Lets hope I stay around long enough for +A :D

  6. Apyr


    Hopefully this'll be my first CJ! Good work man Gl!
  7. Apyr


    @Berty is an absolute banger of an Admin, I'm glad to see him in the Staff Team. - He's active - Always up to the task - Knows how to deal with sits without needing any help - Proper chill lad 10/10
  8. Updated Profile Pic with one I made in SFM, It was originally supposed to have his battle-axe in the pfp, but the file size is too large for that

    1. Jewish Gavin

      Jewish Gavin

      No battle axe 😱😱😱

    2. Apyr


      No battle-axe!!!


  9. Road to VIP starts soon

  10. Apyr


    Totally agree, great moderator, great knobhead!
  11. Apyr

    Easy Record Software

    Yeah, I've also had loads of problems with OBS and Microsoft Game bar When Berty introduced me to this a month back I've been using it ever since and never had any problems with it.
  12. Apyr


    Well, unlike what Skyfie said, I think he's more of a dad house. However, I completely agree, he is a server gremlin but he's our server gremlin