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  1. Pilvax

    IGM reset?

    I don't gamble that much he probably has some insane gambling big brain skills
  2. Pilvax

    IGM reset?

    extremely good luck in gambling is a way
  3. Pilvax

    IGM reset?

    bro why do you even have that much? I would go on a mass spending spree and buy as much cjs as I could
  4. Unfortunate but no one is obliged to refund you since it was a missclick not some type of server error or anything like that. You can try dming roast tho
  5. Not sure if you're going to get a cj better than rebellion for 25 euros, but good luck
  6. £300 is alot of money, but I think you've spent way more on the job so I guess it's understandable. gl gl
  7. Pilvax

    Turtle hat

    Turtle gang gang
  8. 1 pound you pay fee for quick sell xx
  9. Pilvax

    Rodney's shop

    gl with your store and cj
  10. Use the template pls but @Jomano was selling phone I just don't know if he was selling for igm or only paypal
  11. The watermelon gun damages quite decent definitely worth the money
  12. Now that's a real g a m e r
  13. Not related to the post, but what the fuck is that profile picture?
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