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  1. TerranStar

    How to cook meth

    Bruh Here you go, old video but pretty much the same thing: Really dude? lmfao
  2. TerranStar

    How to cook meth

    Your fingers ok?
  3. TerranStar

    How mine btc

    Would strongly suggest avoiding Bitcoin mining until you have enough money to cover the cost for the entities + upgrades. I usually just go straight to server stacking then upgrade them fully.
  4. TerranStar

    Disguised and wanted

    Even though they could have been disguised (into a CP for example) while doing something illegal such as harvesting, selling weed, etc.. Wouldn't it still be metagaming to assume that they did, unless you actually seen them do it?
  5. Nice one, pretty helpful for new ones or getting colours easily gg
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