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  1. After a point we have to accept that we can't say anything new and we'll just remake old obscure guides lol.
  2. Xappan

    Flips Guide PSA

    Not sure whether conspiracy is the right word but yeah. I think most people draw a similar conclusion even if not based on math or anything, or if not consciously, I just want to give everyone a fighting chance But until we actually get roast's input on how the flipping works its nigh' impossible to say certain.
  3. Xappan

    Flips Guide PSA

    I'd like to theorize a bit here about flips. As we know flips are a great way to win a little extra cash or, sometimes, lose all your money. It is gambling, by its nature random, but there are some precautions you can make to (probably) not lose everything you own. For the sake of argument let's assume that roast is totally fair so the flips system is always a 50-50 chance, either you win or not, its either heads or tails. I've heard many many times that no, there is a backdoor, say, you lose 6 you'll definietly win your next one, or such stuff. Lets assume these are just tales. If we go by the 50-50 chances that would mean that each flip you do you have 1/2 chance of winning/losing. And this is true to ALL of them. But there is a little maths here to consider: While its true, that every coinflip you make is either heads or tail, and thus it's always 50%, the chance that the same thing occurs over and over is always changing, sometimes to extreme values. Lets say you are starting a flips streak, you want some money. Each time you either win or lose the chances of the same outcome lessen by a margin. This means that losing 2 times in a row is less likely than winning and losing or losing and winning. The mathemtical equation that lets us calculate the chances of a choinflip always having the same result is quite easy: 0,5 x where x is the number of wins or losses one wants to achieve. After a while the difference gets quite small so I'll calculate the starting ones for you: losing 1 - 50 % losing 2 - 25 % losing 3 - 12.5 % losing 4 - 6.25 % losing 5 - 3.125 % losing 6 - 1.56 % etc. By this we can see that if you somehow manage to lose 6 times in a row the chances of your next flip to be a win is around 98.5 % I'm not saying this is EXACTLY how the flips system work, I have no clue how its programmed, but this is how one calculates the odds of coinflip tosses in real life, and it seemed to work similarly ingame. Please still bear in mind you can ALWAYS lose, its never a 100% chance to win. Happy flippin' P.S.: If someone asks why I've made this, or "oh this is common sense" or such, it is not. I'd like to see some thoughtful gambling on the server and this might help some people not to lose everything they have (or lose it hehe) Edit: I don't know how obvious was this from what I've wrote but one thing is certain: a coinflip is always 50-50. What I'm counting here are the chances of consecutive wins/fails. Of course every coinflip will have a 50% chance of being "heads" for example, but getting several "heads" in succession is less likely. If you think I'm bullshitting or something please just google the chances of x heads in a row you should find something that is easier to digest than my wording.
  4. @Avionix good admin+ yes. As much as I would've never believed it honestly his staff game today when the server was in problem was top notch, watching out for everything at once, doing punishments, still paying attention to everything else, while alone OD. Good admin keep it up mate.
  5. Good boi @Ice Cube
  6. Thank you for the high activity @OscarGamez and keeping the server clean
  7. Corruption is fine you'll just get demoted quite fast. Cops get demoted fast even if they are not corrupt But generally you should follow mayor's orders as a CP.
  8. As long as its validated its great, and I'm quite happy with someone taking the time and effort to do this, I remember I used to have a lot of rulebreaks due to the motd not being clear on this-and-that Good job once more!
  9. Grea job doing this @D34THC47 , I love having it all neat and piled up but some corrections please let me. For some of these I asked @DC to make sure, but some I just generally don't know where you got. If you asked a senior staff than its fine otherwise I'll write down what I think is not good, either from a language standpoint (excuse that for the English teacher please) or from a rule standpoint (please note I only wrote down the points which I found problematic from either of the aformentioned POVs) (// means my comment): Citizen Note: citizen is a base job that is a placeholder until you have spawned or are AFK. // this is not needed You can base. Mayor You can add/remove laws. These must be reasonable and not break any server rules. (e.g. purges are forbidden) You can authorise civil protection to build checkpoints (do not block doorways or the spawn tunnel). You cannot build on the streets. You can accept warrants with a valid reason. Civil Protection You must arrest people rather than killing them. You must give 10 seconds of warning before arresting/killing someone unless they pull out a weapon/are shooting people/are wanted/etc. You must follow the Mayor's orders as long as it has a valid RP reason behind it. You must have a valid reason to arrest/warrant/want someone (e.g. hear printer , or see them commit a crime). // as far as I'm aware seeing printer sparks thorugh a wall is metagaming. This is the same reason why abusing third person to look into someone's house and warranting them on that basis is metagaming. You SHOULDN'T be able to do that. You cannot raid with criminals. Gangster/Mob Boss You cannot mug/raid/kidnap solo, you must be in a group with other gangsters (1 or more). You can mug for a maximum of £10,000. You can only raid the PD to break someone out and you must have a mobbos with you. You can kidnap. Terrorists All operations/activities must be planned in the agenda. All operations/activities must be carried out with a group of at least 2 terrorists. You can kidnap. This must be carried out with a group of at least 2 terrorists. //Clarification on terrorists here and above just in case someone hires a hacker or so. Lot of terrors do things alone. DJ You must not be deliberately annoying. You can build a venue, on the streets, of reasonable size. (rasonable size is determined by staff). Hacker You can raid but only with your employer. You cannot scam your buyer, you must raid with them for the agreed price. // we don't need "until your next life" as people will abuse it, e.g. kill themselves, and such. They know this means until the raid is attempted, or should know if they are not complete idiots. Underground Mutant You are KOS to everyone/anyone everywhere on the map. You KOS anyone who enters the underground/sewers. You cannot KOS people above ground/on the surface. If you are attacked you may defend yourself. Hobo You can base on the streets anywhere on the map except admin areas. (Admin areas: roof at the spawn, two roofs at the fountain area) You can have entities. (e.g. printers) Your property cannot be excessively big, a member of staff will deem when it is too big. Props can also be spammed but not abused to try and crash the server or violate the prop abuse rule. // I don't get this, the server has anti-spam, and they shouldn't really just spam props no? Medic You can build a 2x2 building on the street/own property to sell healing for no more than £10,000. Staff will deem if the size is suitable. // as far as I'm aware medics CAN NOT build on the streets, they must claim a property or join a base. Miner Note: miners are expected to mine. // I don't get this, obviously they will mine. If they aren't and someone wants the job slot they can just get demoted/reported Hitman You can build a 2x2 square shop on the street if deemed suitable by staff. // as far as I'm aware they can not. You can raid bases, PD or bank IF your target is proven to be inside. // hitmen can raid anything as far as I'm aware IF they have a target inside, and they know they are. You needn't advert hits as adverts are invalid other than business purposes and so there is not a reason to. // kidnaps are not business purpose Elite Hitman // Same goes here as to Hitman Gun Dealer You can self supply guns to yourself however you must be a gun dealer for at least 5 minutes to not violate the job abuse rule. // its 5 minutes, isn't it longer? Special Arms Dealer You can self supply guns to yourself however you must be a gun dealer for at least 5 minutes to not violate the job abuse rule. // its 5 minutes, isn't it longer? Guard You can base however not by yourself: you can be hired or base with others to protect the base but your name must be on the doors to defend or your job must be set accordingly. (e.g. /job Defending XY or /job W/ XY) Private Security You can base however not by yourself: you can be hired or base with others to protect the base but your name must be on the doors to defend or your job must be set accordingly. (e.g. /job Defending XY or /job W/ XY) These are what I think are either grammatically wrong, or rule-wise. I tried to go by the MOTD, I asked some of DC as I mentioned, and from my own experiences as staff, but I'd like if a senior staff member like @Florian or @Turtle could validate the points in this updated motd.
  10. Some get paid, some only do it for the Glory of our Leader! I'm not that kind hearted
  11. Gave ducky the base skins and instructions as good as I could.
  12. Xappan

    Custom Crosshairs

    True, but as I said: it is slightly off centre and it triggers me haha. Edit: Also with this method you can get crosshairs that are unique and you couldn't with the inbuilt addon.
  13. Hello! It's generally accepted that the default crosshair in gmod is boring, and kinda hard to see at times, and its also accepted that while the server's custom crosshairs are good they are off centre by some pixel, which to be fair is not a problem, but a tad irritating. To circumvent all of these there are two options: 1. The easy solution: If you just want something to help you aim you can type "hud_draw_fixed_reticle 1" in the console, to get a secondary crosshair outside the first one. We're talking about the outer one, the big two bent lines. Once you get used to it its quite handy, as it stays there even when you use sweps (like keys) that has no crosshair by default. 2. The "hard" way: You can actually change the 5 dots that compose the crosshair. To do this you must either get one already made from the internet, or make one yourself. But here is the tricky part: for some reason that only our lord Gaben knows the crosshair is stored as a font. Yes like the fonts used in typing, like times new roman. It occupies the letter "Q" if I'm correct. So at this point you have two options basically: The hard one is getting a software, learning how to edit fonts, editing it, and saving it. And the easier one, is googling one, finding one you like, and using that. Thanks to Gaben Gmod uses the same font as HL2, so any hl2 font type you can find on the internet can be used. But first thing first: the font itself is located in: "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\resource" as "HALFLIFE2.ttf". Before trying to mess with it I suggest you make a copy of it and save it as a backup. This file is what we need to either edit (if you want to do it the hard way), or get a new one of if you're going the easy way. Typing "HL2 crosshair fonts" in google is quite easy, and so is finding some crosshairs, but for those who want a head start this site has some already, just click "Client Crosshairs" and in that search for one you like. (HL2 Deathmatch was the reason many of these were created it seems) So find one you like on the internet, download it, rename it to "HALFLIFE2.ttf" and replace the one in the gmod folder. If done correctly you'll have a new crosshair to look at in game. Mine for example: Quite easy and quite fun! Hope it helps. This is in no way hard or complex, just I tought many people could benefit from this, or are too lazy to search it up on their own, so I wrote down what I found. Cheers! P.S.: There is supposedly a way to change the colour of it too but you look that up, I like the mustard yellow to be honest.
  14. OBS can stream instantly to youtube without it littering your PC though
  15. Flattering but i'm not nearly no. 1
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