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    They all copying from me 😂 @Chr1ssY Really and a helpful guide.
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    Time to go dumpster digging
  3. My bad I will edit it, thanks for the headsup!
  4. Before you comment there's topics on this already, I wanted to make a guide that contains everything. I am not gonna go through everything in detail since there are already guides written specifically on it. I just wanted to make something of my own. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CLOUD GAMING Welcome everyone to Cloud Gaming! Cloud Gaming is an English DarkRP server. What is DarkRP? DarkRP is a non-serious roleplay gamemode for Garry's Mod! JOBS The main part of Roleplay is taking on the role of different classes/jobs of people. Each class has its own purpose in game. The main classes/jobs you will find on the server are: Citizen (Default job) ; Civil Protection (Police) ; Gangster ; Gun Dealer ; Hobo ; Miner Citizen> Obey the laws and free roam around the city doing whatever normal people do. Civil Protection (Police)> Enforce the laws and make the city secure by stopping crime and illegal activities. Gangster> You're a gangsta, you don't follow the laws. I mean why would you even??? You hard earn your dough by printing it and selling weed or even stealing someone elses. Gun Dealer> You sell guns to the fellow people in your city, doesn't matter if its a criminal or a cp. Who even cares, guns for everyone! Hobo> You spend your life begging on the street for money, you build on the street so and consider everything your house. Poor little man... Miner> Gold, gold and more gold. You constantly think of finding good ores and becoming rich! Not a bad job really, just a legal way to make money. Each job has its own salary. There are many other jobs as well as custom jobs but these are the ones that I think are the essence of DarkRP. Each job has its own specific set of rules, so make sure to read them before choosing your desired job. Custom jobs can be purchased with real life money and in-game money, it all depends on the person who is selling the custom jobs. Prices of the custom jobs are mostly from 20GBP to 50GBP. There are 2 types of custom jobs which are CP jobs and Criminal jobs. Most custom jobs fall into the "Criminal jobs" category. All custom jobs have permanent weapons that you get when you select them (SL8, USAS, M60, Double Barrel...) this all depends on the custom job that you have. Now after you read all of this time to make some dough! MONEY It's time to earn some cash! The most legal way you can earn big cash is to mine or sell guns, maybe even beg on the street hoping that someone will give you a million, like that's ever gonna happen. Now comes the illegal way to earn cash. The easiest way and most efficient one to earn cash is to print it yourself or to grow weed. You can also brew moonshine, make meth or even mine bitcoin. Mining and weed growing are the best ways to earn money if you're new to the server. Moonshine making is a job that requires you to just add the ingredients and the machine will do it for you, after it finishes you press on the moonshine and it automatically sells. Meth making is one of the harder jobs but its more rewarding. Mining bitcoin is a long term money making method, which means that it pays out after some time, not immediately after you buy it. Just take care of your money making entities, they can be destroyed or even stolen by other players. At some point you decide to try gambling. This could lead you to becoming a rich player or could lead you to bankruptcy. To prevent your stuff from being stolen you must make yourself a base. BASE I am not gonna go through this in detail. If you want to learn more about this click on here or here. A base is your home. It's a safe place to store your entities to prevent anyone from touching them. But still bases can be raided, you always must make sure that your base is good enough to protect yourself from CP's and other criminals. You can decorate it, make it look nice, place up defenses to prevent other players from trying to steal or destroy your entities. There are many places on the map where you can make your own base. For a place to be considered as your base you must own its doors. Make sure to read the base rules so your doesn't get considered as a fail base. TOKENS, ACCESSORIES, RANKS AND PERMANENT WEAPONS In this server we have a token system. What this means is that you get rewarded for playing on the server by getting tokens. You can also gamble tokens for a quick way to double them, or a quick way to lose them. Whatever you prefer. You can open cases that have in game items in them, you can try your luck on that as well. With tokens you can buy accessories to make your player look more richer and to make him standout among other players. There are also titles that you can buy which other players will see on your body. You can also buy ranks with tokens which give you additional benefits on the server, if you don't want to waste time earning tokens you can always buy the ranks in the servers shop on the website! Now here is the most important part, weapons. Buying weapons with tokens. All weapons bought by tokens are permanent and you will have them in every job you choose. You can also buy CS:GO knives and some CS:GO skins. Permanent weapons are a bit costly. The easiest way to get them is to gamble your tokens and have luck on your side. Okay player, you are quickly learning about our server and DarkRP gamemode. Looks like it's time to decide on which side you are on. GANGS There are a lot of gangs on this server. But more popular gangs are (UM, DTT, TBL, Method and others). To easily join one of the better gangs you must introduce yourself to the player community and must be really active on the server. Each gang has its own gang level, and each level has its own perk. Some levels increase your gang member capacity, while other levels give you permanent gun, an additional printer and many other amazing perks. You can base with your gang players and with your allies. Just do not base with enemy gangs as this is considered traitorship. Two or more gangs can create an alliance. Being in a gang gives you a lot of benefits and can make you a popular player on the server. SKILLS Skills give you more benefits on the server, you can view them by typing /skills. There are CP skills and Criminal skills. To unlock a skill you must have enough skill points which are earned by completing challanges on the server. You cannot obtain all skills on the server so be careful what you choose. My personal favorite skills are Double weed and Printer upgrade skills. Skills are really useful, some skills even get you to earn more money! There isn't much more to this skill system. BECOMING A STAFF MEMBER Got bored of being a regular player? I know how you feel. You can try your luck and apply for staff to become a part of the server management team. There are 4 staff ranks: Moderator, Administrator, Administrator+ and SuperAdmin. Each rank has its own job to do. Some ranks take months or even years to get! There are 2 extra things you can be as a staff member. You can mentor new staff members by learning them commands and learning them how to do their job or you can become an event staff which moderate and create events on the server. These are the things you must learn/know before playing DarkRP to make your gameplay more interesting and to make it not boring. This guide will be updated and other stuff will be added to it. If you feel like something is missing feel free to PM me. I tried to make this guide short and not boring. The reason I am making this is to help out new players on the server. Thank you all for reading this, have fun playing!
  5. netCat is a really active, good and a trustworthy Cloud Gaming player and a staff member. He can be a really amazing friend and also can be a serious staff member. I really recommend this guy. @netCat
  6. He was my mentor, I learned a lot of stuff about him in like an hour. Pretty chill and patient guy, guess I could say that we got on the same page. Knows everything, really hardworking. If anyone is gonna be getting SA its this guy! @Ice Cube
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