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  1. panda is amazing, just dont reverse search his profile picture... someone paid a hefty price for doing that.. @Venice
  2. let me see yours, laser beam 9999 brightness looking phys gun
  3. say that to me on the sit area young man!!! 😡😤🥶
  4. Thanks young man! I look way more intimidating to rulebreakers now.
  5. good lads , love working with all three of you ralsei, delta and mr_kg
  6. Mr @Slayer, this is an awesome guide @Slayer, Thanks.
  7. @Dale is quite the fellow!
  8. i'd have to agree with this commendation of our fellow staff member Toast No Sound toast calls me quite a lot of things, some of them do have merit though, so i'll give him that.
  9. that guy you reported was also harassing me today, smh...
  10. I think it used to, however got either glitched/removed... Just a possible one, i'm not sure at all but i believe i have seen it work in a picture or something like that.
  11. ricaisaverycoolpersonhetalksveryfastisometimescantevencomprehendwhathesays,sometimeshecantevenunderstandhimself, overall excellent guy +support
  12. holy i love admin abusing this man
  13. +support billy bongus quite the fella, destroyer of desks he is.
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