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    Send me a PM here or on discord jihad#9014 if you need any sort of assistance regarding CG.

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  1. @Hera hey finnish guy
  2. Sorry some randoms were spamming racist stuff, they've been dealt with.
  3. Follow what @Just Emma said, but you don't have to wait, just relog on the server.
  4. that would most likely be the scenario i guess
  5. Do you have an approximate date of purchasing the VIP, any receipts and your SteamID, if you have those privately pm @roast in the forums to solve it since he is the owner. Also, are you sure you're on the correct account? It might happen you're on a different account rather than the one you bought the VIP on.
  6. jihad kekistani

    Turtle hat

    Is it showing as an error? Please provide a screenshot of yourself in-game in third person with the hat equipped, and DM me on discord. jihad#9014
  7. how can you like gavin honestly even my mentees hate him (hes a great staff member and taught me quite a few things back in my good old days) ūüć§
  8. RASTA MAN STEAM_0:0:116401377 Thanks Enzo
  9. lives on coffee and cigs
  10. negative, there's @Courier
  11. chenn is a great mod. one of my first mentees, and surprised he's gotten so far as to equivalent my rank.
  12. Make sure your css content is an ACTUAL folder, and not a zipfile, and make sure it's pasted onto directory - ...\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons Should look something like this;
  13. We don't usually do refunds on bought store items, however as Lemze's said; Would be worth a shot to see if roast can help you, he's the owner. Be as concise and clear to get to the point when you send him the message, give him your STEAMID (click here to find out your steamid) , and hopefully you'll solve this. He should reply within a week at MOST.
  14. You do !daily in-game, afterwards click on the bottom right Discord button and press "Generate Token" button. Afterwards, pm wilbot privately in discord DMs with !help and use whichever command you need with your discord token. Then if you need to confirm your rank, simply do !rank in discord #bots channel.
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