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  1. Hi, I wanted to share this trick that you will definitively need if you're a base builder. It's about the requirement that a base's entrance must be "2x2", and the way to check that is to ensure that two players must be able to fit in your base entrance side/side and infront/behind. However, if there's no second person available to check it for you, you can simply use this prop called " furniture_desk01a.mdl " It's width is about exactly the same minimum size of a 2x2 base entrance! I hope this guide will come to use for someone!
  2. Solved, just had to wait exactly 24 hours.
  3. Im STEAM_0:0:116401377 or ATS jihad kekistani . I bought 180 TKNS a few minutes ago but i haven't received them. I did relog, i did the missing tokens but no luck. Could i get some help here?
  4. @GoDofWaR Legend mate, that worked for me, thank you
  5. Oh shite, did you manage to get in?
  6. Got an idea as to when we might get that restart? Almost 3.5 hours since the update...
  7. I managed to get in too, for a few seconds and it just crashed again, same happen to you?
  8. It's a problem for me too, don't reinstall. Wait for restart. Anyone have an idea as to when the next restart might be?
  9. Watch the Installed content updated, its today about an hour ago.
  10. same to me yo, it says something about outdated server or something and a date. maybe the server needs to be restarted because we got the new update?