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  1. negative, there's @Courier
  2. chenn is a great mod. one of my first mentees, and surprised he's gotten so far as to equivalent my rank.
  3. Make sure your css content is an ACTUAL folder, and not a zipfile, and make sure it's pasted onto directory - ...\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons Should look something like this;
  4. We don't usually do refunds on bought store items, however as Lemze's said; Would be worth a shot to see if roast can help you, he's the owner. Be as concise and clear to get to the point when you send him the message, give him your STEAMID (click here to find out your steamid) , and hopefully you'll solve this. He should reply within a week at MOST.
  5. You do !daily in-game, afterwards click on the bottom right Discord button and press "Generate Token" button. Afterwards, pm wilbot privately in discord DMs with !help and use whichever command you need with your discord token. Then if you need to confirm your rank, simply do !rank in discord #bots channel.
  6. Disable every addon you have enabled, then exit GMOD and re enter the server . LMK if the issue persists.
  7. If you believe that you were wrongfully treated by a member of Staff, feel free to make a staff complaint, otherwise there's nothing that can be done by posting this in Help.
  8. both are solid guys. good to have em on the staff team
  9. happy to have both in the staff team
  10. Enzo's an awesome lad with an awesome cj , respects.
  11. hi hello hi 

    1. Nothing



      Jihad please get better at hosting events. and please dont talk to me anymore.🥵

    2. jihad kekistani

      jihad kekistani

      i will don't you worry.

  12. Slav is an absolute legend and a beautiful person. love him
  13. You are 73% Killer 60% Explorer 60% Socialiser 7% Achiever This reminds when @Toast was doing his BDSM test. (he was Vanilla)
  14. @Yami no jisshi rei is an excellent admin, respects
  15. sorry mate but Shitposts is one below this one.
  16. where you even at nowadays Toast?

  17. Go by what Apyr said, if that doesn't work then Disable/Uninstall all addons you might have subscribed to and it should work.
  18. excellent lad, really helps out the server both od and ofd. respects.
  19. i'm proud to have been both the mod and admin mentor for mxrco, excellent lad. can only hope for more like him
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